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New Britain Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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New Britain, affectionately known as New Britski in honor of its large concentration of Polish residents, has been officially nicknamed “Hardware City” for it is history of manufacturing. The city of 71,000 is a good mixture of the modern and the quaint. It is an excellent setting to treat drug addictions of all type, including those suffering from a crystal meth addiction. The hope is that there are so many different Connecticut drug rehabs available.

The Lures of Meth for New Britain Addicts

Methamphetamine is a drug that has swept through and devastated some of our country’s communities. Its use more concentrated in some parts of the country more than others, meth is responsible for claiming the lives and destroying the quality of life of far too many people in New Britain and around the country. The use of meth is pretty high in the mid-west and is reaching other parts of the country as well. This is for several reasons, which we will discuss below.

Meth is cheap: Some drugs are fairly expensive and, by virtue of their expense, don’t ever reach epidemic levels. Meth is well suited to be used by an incredible number of people because it doesn’t cost much. Individuals in New Britain looking for a cheap and powerful high may opt for meth instead of cocaine, especially in today’s tough economic times.

A high from meth lasts a long time: A meth high can last for hours. Comparatively, a high from crack lasts 15 minutes and cocaine 20-90 minutes depending on how it is consumed. Combined with its low price point, meth suddenly begins to look very attractive for New Britain addicts looking to get the most “bang for their buck.”

A meth high is powerful: A high from meth can be just as powerful as one from heroin or cocaine. It will increase energy levels and allow individuals to stay up for days at a time. Again, when one factors in the price and the length of the high produced by the drug, meth is an enticing drug to addicts. The epidemic is not all that surprising.

Meth is an incredibly dangerous drug. A high from meth is extremely powerful and the price is cheap. This makes it enticing to drug users. Incredibly addicting, residential treatment programs are often the best way to treat addictions to the drug. If you or a loved one requires treatment for a meth addiction or any other type of addiction, give us a call. We can assist you in finding a drug rehab center which is well suited to you.

Alcoholics Anonymous

508 Main St

New Britain, CT 06051-1812
(860) 223-9929



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