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Middletown Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Middletown, Connecticut was originally named Mattabeseck. The city wasn’t given its present name until 1653. The Mattabeseck Ridge is a popular landmark for the area and includes Lamentation and Higby Mountain, both notable peaks. Individuals who live in Middletown or the surrounding area with a drug addiction will be able to receive quality care within the city limits. Below, we will discuss the signs of prescription drug addiction and when rehab is in order.

Middletown Drug Rehab: When Prescription Drug Use Is Out of Control

Prescription drug addiction has reached alarming levels. Many people of all ages, races and socioeconomic groups are using prescription meds to get high. Some people, after being prescribed medications for legitimate causes, end up developing an addiction. There are other individuals who consume these drugs for the pleasurable feelings they cause. Whatever the reason, a stay at a Middletown rehab program may be beneficial.

The most commonly abused prescription drugs are narcotic pain relievers, ADHD drugs and those for anxiety and pain. A person who has begun to abuse prescription drugs may eventually find that rehab is necessary. Below, are some clues an addiction is present and rehabilitation is needed.

  • An overwhelming desire to obtain drugs: When a person’s thoughts are consumed with prescription drug use in excess of what it medically prescribed, they may have an addiction.
  • Doctor shopping: Doctor shopping involves visiting multiple doctors in hopes of receiving prescriptions from them all. This makes it possible for individuals to take vast amounts of the drugs without being detected because they are asking for refills at a normal rate from each doctor.
  • Lying about ones use of drugs: When a person is addicted to a substance, they often lie about their usage of it. This is done so not to raise suspicion.
  • Use of drugs outside of the dosing instruction from ones doctor: When a person has been prescribed a drug and they take it more often than they should and/or in higher dosages than the doctor instructed them on a regular basis, they may have built up a tolerance to the drug or even an addiction.

Legal moonshine? That’s what one business is advertising in Middletown, CT, hoping to lure in residents who want to try something a little risky. The alcoholic beverage being sold at the new establishment is nothing like the rotgut sold on the sly in other parts of the country, but it’s a reminder of a past where deadly black market alcohol was commonplace – much like today’s dangerous illegal intoxicants, commonly known as “bath salts.”

If your loved one has a drug abuse problem, no matter what their substance of choice, we can help. Contact us at the phone number listed above and learn more about how you can help them enroll in a drug rehab program today.

Synthetic Drugs

Bath salts and other synthetic drugs are the cause of serious concern and constant legislative debate. Few studies have been done on the drugs, so many believe they are safe, but anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise. Here’s what we know:

  • Emergency room visits caused by the drug are on the rise.
  • Calls to poison control centers due to use of synthetic substances are increasing every year.
  • Legislation banning active chemicals in the drugs is updated regularly.
  • Chemists continually come up with new versions of the drug that are just different enough to evade the law.
  • Use of synthetic drugs has been linked to a number of assaults, suicides, homicides and accidental deaths.

Does Your Loved One Need Drug Rehab?

Bottom line: Synthetic drugs are dangerous. If your Middletown loved one is unable or unwilling to stop using these and other drugs on their own, it may be time to seek help. Call now to speak with an admissions coordinator who can match your loved one to a rehab program that can help.

Locating Quality Treatment in Middletown for Your Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Individuals in the Middletown are who are addicted to prescription drugs may need to enroll in a drug treatment program. These can be very effective in treating those addicted to these types of drugs. Call us today, if you require assistance finding a good program.

Connection Inc

955 S Main St

Middletown, CT 06457-5153
(860) 343-5500


Rushford Center Inc

1250 Silver St

Middletown, CT 06457-3946
(860) 346-0300



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