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Hamden Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Hamden is known as the “Land of the Sleeping Giant.” The slogan is not only befitting of the city, but also for those with drug addictions. Hopefully, the city’s rehab facilities can help awaken substance abusers out of their drug addicted “slumber”. A suburb of New Haven, Connecticut, Hamden has been deemed one of the best places to live in America by CNN Money and Fortune Magazine.

Treating Those with Meth Addictions in Hamden, Connecticut

In some parts of the United States, meth addiction has become somewhat of an epidemic. An incredibly powerful and addicting stimulant, people who use meth experience long-lasting highs and increased energy levels. They also often become violent towards those close to them and neglectful of those in their care. Domestic abuse issues are higher than normal in communities where meth addiction is rampant.

Meth is a drug that, if too much is consumed, can cause death. Another danger associated with the drug has to do with the manufacturing of it. Mixing chemicals necessary to make meth can lead to explosions, possible injuries and death.

Besides its powerful high, meth addiction is also known for causing the rapid degeneration of those unfortunate enough to have gotten hooked on it. Sores, missing teeth and pocked skin are the physical hallmarks of a dependency to the drug.

Meth addiction can be treated via rehab. Residential care is often times the best option because it gets people off the streets and away from the drug. This isolation from people, places and circumstances made possible when a person checks into an inpatient rehab facility is often times required so that a person can stay clean long enough to begin the rehabilitation process.

Finding Help for a Meth Addiction in Hamden, Connecticut

If you, or someone you love, have an addiction to methamphetamine or any other substance, please get help. Call us today and we can help you find quality care for your addiction in Hamden.

Children’s Center Of Hamden

1400 Whitney Ave

Hamden, CT 06517-2499
(203) 248-2116



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