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Greeley Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Several notable authors have called Greeley, Colorado home at one time. They include James A. Michener, author of the novel Centennial. Sayyid Out was a student at the Colorado State College of Education in 1949 and wrote the book, The America I Have Seen. Connie Willis, a current Greeley resident, wrote The Doomsday Book, as well as other novels. Besides authors, the city is also known for helping addicts get off of drugs and alcohol via their rehabilitation and after-care programs.

The Importance of Greeley After-Care Programs

After or follow-up care is a crucial element in the Greeley-based drug rehabilitation process. Even if a person manages to stop using drugs while attending rehab, if they fail to get appropriate and effective after-care, they are making themselves more susceptible to relapsing. Drug addiction is challenging enough to overcome on its own. Those individuals who tend to be most successful are those that do take special measures to get ongoing support and treatment. This can take a number of forms including support groups, counseling and sober houses.

Support Groups: Support groups are very popular. It is possible to find a support group for just about every type of vice. Individuals who have just completed a stay in a Greeley, Colorado rehab facility may find support groups a very good way to receive aftercare. They are made up of recovering addicts who attend meetings where they share their struggles and triumphs. This is a good place to go and receive support and accountability.

Counseling: Spending time in counseling after rehab gives individuals additional time to work through the issues that may contribute to them using or which make them vulnerable to relapse in the future.

Sober Houses: Sober houses are transitional facilities. Individuals may spend some time in a sober house after they leave rehab before they return to their home.

If you would like to locate a quality after-care program or learn about other addiction treatment options in Greeley, give us a call.

North Colorado Medical Center

928 12th St

Greeley, CO 80631-4024
(970) 352-1056


North Range Behavioral Health

1300 N 17th Ave

Greeley, CO 80631-9584
(970) 347-2120



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