Signs and Symptoms of Abuse

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Signs and Symptoms of Abuse Addiction Treatment
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If you are abusing cocaine on a regular basis, you may not realize it when casual abuse turns into an active and life-threatening cocaine addiction.

If someone you care about is using cocaine, you may not want to recognize the signs and symptoms of cocaine abuse and addiction. It’s important to take an honest assessment in order to identify the signs and symptoms of cocaine abuse and tackle the problem immediately before health risks develop. Finding a treatment program that can address the issues fueling the cocaine abuse and addiction problem is essential, and Rehab International can help. 

Contact us today to find a cocaine rehab near you that will effectively address your cocaine abuse and addiction issues or help your loved one to put drugs and alcohol behind them.


Is cocaine abuse or use an occasional occurrence? Does it happen multiple times a month, multiple times a week or multiple times a day? What amount of cocaine is ingested in a given day or week? How much money is spent on the drug per month? If the answers to these questions are not immediately apparent, it can be helpful to keep a journal for a week or a month to accurately calculate how much time and money are spent on cocaine.

At the same time, consider the residual effects of cocaine abuse. How many days or hours do you miss at work because you are unable to function as a result of cocaine abuse? How many fights with a significant other, close friend or family member occurred as a direct result of your behavior under the influence or their disappointment in your cocaine abuse? How many bills went unpaid because all your money was spent on cocaine? How many health problems did you experience as a result of cocaine abuse?

Tallying these numbers can shed a harsh light on the reality of the situation. If cocaine abuse is an issue, it must be addressed immediately.


If the cocaine abuse signs and symptoms are yours, then it’s important that you reach out for help and prioritize your health. This can mean talking to a friend who you know will help you find treatment or calling us at Rehab International. We can assist you in finding a cocaine rehab that can address your personal issues with the drug.

If the cocaine abuse signs and symptoms define the experience of someone you love, an intervention is an effective tool.

You and others who care for the addicted patient can sit down with them in a nonjudgmental environment and explain that they are developing or at risk of developing a serious cocaine addiction. Rather than allow them to continue traveling down that path, an intervention allows you and other participants to provide them with cocaine rehab as an alternative. This gesture alone is often enough for your loved one to seek the help they need.

The Risks of Ignoring

Ignoring cocaine abuse signs and symptoms can be deadly.

Chronic health problems can result with long-term use, the development of cocaine addiction is always a threat, and overdose is a risk each and every time cocaine is abused. Too many patients report that they abused cocaine simply as a way to stay up late, get up for work on time or to continue drinking more than they could without the drug. Unfortunately, this sporadic abuse and combining the drug with other substances increases the chances of cardiac events, seizures and death due to overdose.

Socially speaking, cocaine abuse can destroy lives. Few who abuse the drug frequently will be able to maintain an even show of progress at work and many will have interpersonal problems with friends and family members. Though many patients report that cocaine initially aided them in conversing with others and served as a social “lubricant,” it created severe mood swings characterized by intense anger and depression that ultimately ruined their social experience at work and in the community.

Call Now to Find Treatment

Don’t let cocaine abuse signs and symptoms go untreated. Instead, find out more about the options available to you or your loved one for cocaine abuse and addiction treatment. There are a number of different programs available that can help patients to successfully treat their issues with cocaine and other drugs.

Contact us today at the number above to be matched with the right program for your needs.


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