How Effective Is Opiate Addiction Treatment in the US?

Accidental deaths resulting from opiate overdoses in the US are so common that they have been termed an epidemic by the medical community, government agencies and the media. In light of the prevalence of opiate abuse in America, a similarly extensive means of treating opiate addicts is needed. While the US has measures in place … Continue Reading

Police Officers, Addiction, and Getting the Help to Heal

Law enforcement officers are often perceived to be the people standing against drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. The first on the scene to handle those who are drunk in public, driving under the influence, or illegally buying, selling or in possession of illicit substances, many feel unsure how to handle the situation when they … Continue Reading

Risks of Storing Drugs in the Home

The risks that a parent assumes for his or her child when storing drugs in the home are significant – no matter what form those drugs take. These risks cover a range of possibilities, including: Risk of an accidental child overdose Increased risk of other accident Harm due to neglect Risks related to exposure to … Continue Reading

Develop a Plan for a Successful Recovery in 2012

It’s a new year, and this means a new beginning for every part of your life including your recovery from addiction. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of recovery or new to staying sober, developing a plan for yourself that’s based on where you are in your recovery will help you to avoid relapse in … Continue Reading

Tips for Drug Addiction Treatment Success

Drug addiction treatment success does not come easy. Yes, admitting that you need treatment and taking the steps to get that help by enrolling in a drug rehab are huge steps in the process, but staying every day and working through the stuff that comes up is the hard part. Here are a few tips … Continue Reading

Maine May Shut Down All Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Maine is having a serious budget crunch and it looks like state officials are thinking about cutting one of the most essential health services they have: inpatient substance abuse treatment programs. Forget that Maine has a drug and alcohol addiction rate that is eight times the national average; in a move that is typical of … Continue Reading

Gaining Perspective: Fighting Irrational Thoughts in Addiction Recovery

A couple days ago, we discussed the problematic nature of overcoming irrational thoughts to overcoming addiction. By believing the negative thoughts that often characterize low self-esteem, the alcoholic or addict can successfully blot out the feelings of pain associated with the negative effects of continued alcoholism by rationalizing that things would be worse without alcohol … Continue Reading

Overcoming Irrational Thoughts to Overcome Alcoholism

Irrational thoughts are often fears that stop those living with alcohol addiction from getting help. Each of these thoughts is pro-addiction and anti-treatment, isolating the alcoholic from the medical detox and addiction assistance necessary to stop drinking. Most of these fears and irrational thoughts revolve around failure or the threat of failure: “If I quit … Continue Reading

Top 10 Benefits of 12-Step Treatment

If you’re considering 12-step treatment after – or before – drug rehab but have been avoiding going to a meeting because you’re thinking it might be a waste of time, consider this: those who attend and continue to attend 12-step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in addition to drug and alcohol … Continue Reading


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