Why Do Doctors Keep Prescribing Opioids to Known Addicts?

For those in the trenches of the substance abuse treatment industry, new research out of Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health really stings. The massive study analyzed the pharmacy claims of 50 million patients, with all kinds of payers, who filled “two or more prescriptions for any opioid during any calendar year between … Continue Reading

Are Electronic Prescriptions for Opioids a Good or Bad Idea?

Although we have seen some decline in painkiller addiction, the abuse of prescription pain medication remains a major problem. Part of the reason that painkillers are still a major contributor to the opioid epidemic is due to the sheer volume of painkillers making their way to civilians’ hands. According to recent estimates, the United States … Continue Reading

Recovery in the Digital Age: Technology’s New Role in Addiction Recovery

Technology is a vital resource that has improved our lives in countless ways. For instance, it’s because of technology that information on nearly any subject is never more than a few swipes or keystrokes away. Additionally, technology has enabled complex medical procedures that save lives every day. And let’s not forget how much easier communication … Continue Reading

What Is Harm Reduction and Why Is It So Controversial?

In 2013, there were 8,260 deaths from heroin overdose in America.1 Since then, heroin overdose death rates have continued to climb. It’s also estimated that nearly a million Americans over the age of 12 have used heroin in the last year with 586,000 of those individuals having a heroin problem. Opioids — a class of … Continue Reading

Is Your Insurance Company Monitoring You for Drug Abuse?

Your insurance company may be looking over your shoulder to see if you’re abusing prescription drugs. That’s because your insurance company often knows even more than your doctor does when it comes to your prescription drug habits. While the idea behind prescription drug monitoring programs is to alert your doctor if you have been getting … Continue Reading

Can a Pill Cure Your Addiction?

Find Fast Cured by a Pill? How it Works Roadblocks 12-Step Program Monopoly Best of Both Worlds By the time he turned 50, Olivier Ameisen was a successful cardiologist living in New York City. Still, the French-American physician couldn’t shake the feeling he was “an imposter waiting to be unmasked.”1 Ameisen was an alcoholic, a … Continue Reading

Why Imprisonment Is More Harm Than Help to Addicted Offenders

Anyone who had the misfortune of developing an addiction before the advent of modern substance abuse treatment was typically relegated to prison or an insane asylum, which was intended to force him or her into sobriety. Today’s addicts aren’t incarcerated simply for having this deadly disease, but there’s a high percentage of inmates who are … Continue Reading

The Heroin Epidemic: How Did We Get Here?

Substance abuse is a very slippery slope. Nobody ever intends to become addicted, but the recreational abuse of alcohol or use of drugs becomes an increasingly central part of one’s daily life. The past several years have seen the emergence of what experts refer to as a heroin epidemic 1 due to rates of heroin … Continue Reading

Roadblocks to Recovery: Common Reasons Why Addicts Reject Rehabilitation

When viewed from the outside, the prospect of living with addiction—a life punctuated by uncertainties, hardship and consequences—seems resoundingly unappealing. But addicts never intend to become addicts. Many substance users mistakenly believe that they are exceptions to the rule, able to maintain control of their alcohol and drug use. It often takes only a short … Continue Reading

Addictive Personalities 101 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

The term “addictive personality” is often casually tossed around, and it’s not uncommon to hear someone claim they have one. Perhaps you suspect that you might have one yourself. But is there even such a thing as an addictive personality? If so, what characteristics are typical to an addictive personality? Do environmental and/or genetic factors … Continue Reading

Crystal Meth and Intravenous Drug Use: Are They Connected?

Crystal meth is a smoke-able form of methamphetamine that is highly addictive and readily available in every part of the country. A dangerous drug when used in any amount, a new study shows that the harm extends beyond its immediate use. A new study done by the University of British Columbia demonstrated that use of … Continue Reading

Alcohol and Drug Use Among the Elderly: Is it a Problem?

When you think of an alcoholic or a drug addict, you probably don’t imagine a gray-haired grandmother or someone in retirement. The truth is, however, that substance abuse problems and addiction are becoming increasingly common among the elderly. In fact, according to recent census data, about 17 percent of people aged 65 or over are … Continue Reading

How Effective Is Opiate Addiction Treatment in the US?

Accidental deaths resulting from opiate overdoses in the US are so common that they have been termed an epidemic by the medical community, government agencies and the media. In light of the prevalence of opiate abuse in America, a similarly extensive means of treating opiate addicts is needed. While the US has measures in place … Continue Reading

New NCAA Marijuana Testing Policy Aimed at Cutting Drug Abuse Among Athletes

Although it is not recognized as a performance-enhancing drug, marijuana use is undergoing more stringent restrictions by the NCAA. Why? These heavier limits on the drug’s use are designed to discourage marijuana use among athletes. Marijuana Among Athletes Marijuana use among college athletes has reportedly risen in recent years, as it has on college campuses … Continue Reading

Police Officers, Addiction, and Getting the Help to Heal

Law enforcement officers are often perceived to be the people standing against drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. The first on the scene to handle those who are drunk in public, driving under the influence, or illegally buying, selling or in possession of illicit substances, many feel unsure how to handle the situation when they … Continue Reading

Risks of Storing Drugs in the Home

The risks that a parent assumes for his or her child when storing drugs in the home are significant – no matter what form those drugs take. These risks cover a range of possibilities, including: Risk of an accidental child overdose Increased risk of other accident Harm due to neglect Risks related to exposure to … Continue Reading

From Heroin Addiction to Prostitution: One Woman Shares Her Story

Women who are addicts assume an enormous amount of risk – risk that is physical as well as social. One of those risks is the increased threat of sexual attack or assault while under the influence – or simply due to being around the wrong kind of people at the wrong time. One increasingly common … Continue Reading

Treatment Works: One Couple Beats Crystal Meth Addiction

Facing a loved one’s addiction is always difficult, but when that person is part of an addicted couple, new problems emerge. It’s a lesson that Jason and Donna learned the hard way. For 10 years they shared everything. They had a home, cars, jobs and children. They also shared a meth addiction. Though it wasn’t … Continue Reading

TX Just Says ‘No’ to Legalized Marijuana

The vast majority of native Texans offered up a sigh of relief this past spring when efforts by marijuana advocates were thwarted and the legislators voted “no” on bills attempting to lessen penalties for marijuana users. Citizens of Texas have continued to give state legislators positive feedback concerning this vote. After witnessing the chaos and … Continue Reading

Treatment Over Incarceration: How Drug Courts Change Lives

Taxpayers spend millions of dollars every year on the incarceration of individuals who have been arrested as a result of drug-related crimes. Something is needed to ensure the public’s safety and to maintain order but expensive long-term incarceration leaves addicts untreated and families fractured. Drug courts do not offer a permanent fix to the problem … Continue Reading

Medical Marijuana Legalized for Research Purposes in MD

At the center of the debate about medical marijuana is its efficacy as a medication for the treatment in different disorders. There is little to no long-term research that explores the effects of chronic use of marijuana for medical purposes, yet 18 states have legalized the drug and allowed it to be given to patients … Continue Reading

#1 Cause of Death Among Homeless Is Drug Overdose, Says Study

A study conducted in Boston found that a shift in cause of death among homeless people has occurred in the last 15 years. According to the JAMA Internal Medicine, it was found that drug overdose now kills more homeless people than HIV. To fix the problem, the researchers recommended: Including behavioral health care in primary … Continue Reading

Drug Rehab Instead of Prison Could Save Billions, Says Report

The debate about the efficacy of drug courts has been waged for the past decade, and now one more study has landed solidly in the “pro” column. Published in the journal Crime & Delinquency, the new research has found that sending offenders with a history of drug and alcohol abuse to an addiction treatment program … Continue Reading

MN Painkiller Addiction Down, Heroin Addiction Up

There’s been a shifting pattern in drug use and abuse around much of the country over the last decade; heroin use has been steady or dropping while abuse of chemically similar prescription painkillers has been skyrocketing. However, recently, the Minneapolis/St. Paul region in Minnesota has been seeing the opposite trend: Prescription opiate drug abuse has … Continue Reading

Med School Ethics Policy May Affect How Doctors Prescribe Painkillers

Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry must work closely together in order for patients to receive the best medicines available for their particular ailment. However, the way in which drug companies and physicians interact has been put under an increasing amount of scrutiny in recent years because many worry that the pharmaceutical companies’ advertising tactics have … Continue Reading

The Effect of Addiction on the Brain

Over the last decade, addiction research has brought new understanding of the disorder and now scientists may be adopting the view that the issue at its core is a dysfunctional type of learning. Once any behavior is learned and pathways are set in the brain to make them function, whether they benefit or hurt us, … Continue Reading

Heroin Addiction Can Be Blocked, Says New Study

Researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia along with the University of Colorado believe they may have found a way to block addiction to opiate drugs, such as morphine and heroin. Up until now, most research in this arena has been aimed at the brain and blocking the opiate receptors that are stimulated when … Continue Reading

Options in Drug Rehab Are Sparse in KY

Currently, Kentucky is fighting one of the worst prescription drug epidemics in the US. The state now sees more than 1,000 of its citizens die each year due to prescription medication overdoses. A local Kentucky newspaper, the Courier-Journal, launched a multi-year investigation to uncover all the treatment options available to help those who have fallen … Continue Reading

CPS Cases Linked to Crystal Meth Abuse on the Rise

In San Angelo, Texas, the local authorities are seeing a disturbing trend: An increasing number of children are ending up in the foster care system due to their parents’ crystal meth abuse.  Many of these kids are newborns who were born addicted to crystal meth due to their mothers’ prenatal drug use. In other cases, … Continue Reading

Intervention 101: Staging a Drug and Alcohol Intervention for Your Loved One

Staging an intervention is one of the most effective ways to “draw a line in the sand” when it comes to dealing with your loved one’s addiction. When he or she won’t listen to reason or accept treatment any other way and you are unable to continue living as you have been in relation to … Continue Reading

How Drug Addiction Develops

Drug addiction rarely happens overnight. Usually, it starts small and slowly worsens over time. From the first experimental use to the moment that the patient realizes that he is living with an addiction that requires medical treatment, there are stages of progression. Which one describes your loved one’s experience? Experimentation For most people, experimentation with … Continue Reading

It’s Official: Prescription Drug Addiction Has Reached Epidemic Proportions

The moment that the number of individuals dying every year due to prescription drug overdoses surpassed the number of people dying in motor vehicle crashes in the same period, the prescription drug addiction issue was officially identified as an epidemic. However, this was not an epidemic that appeared overnight; it was a problem that took … Continue Reading

Do You Need Drug Addiction Treatment?

When you’re actively abusing drugs and alcohol, the haze that comes with being under the influence and/or dealing with the aftermath of binges can make it difficult to be objective and analytical – especially about yourself. But at a certain point, when you start to notice that things are fraying at the edges in your … Continue Reading

The Crime of Addiction

It’s been a hot debate across the country for years and, slowly, county by county, Americans are starting to understand that drug-related offenses that are perpetrated to maintain an untreated drug addiction (e.g., buying drugs, being high in public, possessing drugs or paraphernalia, etc.) should be addressed through treatment – not punishment. It seems unethical … Continue Reading

Valium’s Role in Society’s Perception of ‘Normal’ Feelings

With its first major mark on popular culture in the Rolling Stone’s song “Mother’s Little Helper” in 1966, Valium quickly became the go-to drug to help Americans reduce their anxiety. Valium was easily the first pill for emotional health that was prescribed and used on a mass scale. By 1974, Americans were downing 60 million … Continue Reading

Top 3 Goals of Drug Detox

Drug detox is the first step in a comprehensive drug addiction treatment program but it’s not a complete treatment program for any addiction disorder. Its focus is dealing with the issues related to physical addiction, and it sets the stage for a successful exploration of the psychological addiction issues that can make drug addiction so … Continue Reading

Are You Ready to Get Clean and Sober?

Deciding to enter drug rehab isn’t a quick process. It can take years of buildup and consideration. It’s a big decision, and many put it off because they believe they aren’t ready. What are some of the most common reasons that people cite for procrastinating? They include: Fear they will be unsuccessful Fear they aren’t … Continue Reading

New Naloxone Variant May Be Key to Opiate Addiction Treatment

Researchers from both the University of Adelaide in Australia and the University of Colorado believe they may have discovered a drug that could help defeat opioid addiction while increasing the ability to stop pain. The drug being called (+)-naloxone is a variant of the medication naloxone which is already used in the treatment of opioid … Continue Reading

More Evidence That Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug

The anti-drug lobbyists who have insisted for years that marijuana is a gateway drug now have the results of a Yale research study in their corner. The results from work out of the Yale University School of Medicine demonstrated that in both men and women 18 to 25, the use of marijuana was linked with … Continue Reading

Video Game Technology Used to Help Children of Drug Addicts

Papo and Yo is a new video game designed by Vander Caballero based upon his own childhood experiences growing up in South America with an alcohol- and drug-addicted father. Caballero is not new to the video game industry and has been making games for years. However, this time, instead of making the typical violent, “shoot … Continue Reading

White House Outlaws Use of New Batch of Synthetic Drugs

President Obama recently signed into law the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012, which was one part to a larger bill known as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Safety Innovation Act. There are a few different types of synthetic drugs the federal government is attempting to control through this new legislation including: Synthetic … Continue Reading

European Countries Look to Evidence-Based Strategies to Control Drug Use

Many European countries are moving toward methods of harm reduction based on scientific research and away from criminalization and punitive treatment for individuals addicted to drugs. The goal of numerous countries on the continent is to minimize the negative impacts to individual users and society as a whole rather than attempt to eradicate the behavior. … Continue Reading

New Jersey Shelves Legislation to Protect Drug Users From Arrest After an Overdose

Too often it happens – one person in a group of people abusing a drug experiences an overdose and others in the group are too scared to call for emergency medical assistance because they fear arrest. Instead of getting immediate medical attention, they hope their friend will start breathing better, wait for the seizure to … Continue Reading

New Police Drug Scanner Can Detect Illegal Drugs

A wave of new designer drugs is nearly impossible to identify in the field due to their ever-changing appearance. “Bath salts,” a drug that comes in a plethora of incarnations, have caused continuous problems for law enforcement when on duty. However, a handheld device called the TruNarc may be changing the face of drug identification … Continue Reading

Is Alcohol Abuse or Addiction a Risk of Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is generally believed to benefit the health and wellness of the patient who undertakes it. By inhibiting the consumption of an obese patient, it can mean a serious amount of weight loss that would otherwise be deadly. There are a number of different types of weight loss surgeries, also called bariatric surgery, … Continue Reading

Effects on the Body: How Abusing Drugs Hurt You

It’s not always easy to see how extensively illicit drugs damage the body when that damage occurs internally. The body’s organs are designed to withstand a certain level of toxins but when you abuse drugs daily, it’s just too much for them to process without harm. The good news is that, in some cases, damage … Continue Reading

Mothers’ Teenage Drug Use May Put Future Children at Risk for Addiction

Is it possible that a mother’s drug use during her teen years – long before she ever dreams of getting pregnant – could affect the health of her children down the line? Research from the Neuroscience and Reproductive Biology lab at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine is suggesting that it can indeed. Of course, it’s … Continue Reading

Bath Salts Use Increase Poison Control Calls in NJ

The New Jersey Newsroom is reporting that the number of calls to poison control centers in New Jersey is on the rise due in large part to the abuse of bath salts, a synthetic drug meant to mimic the effects of cocaine and LSD. Hallucinations and a high-energy, stimulant effect are usually experienced by those … Continue Reading

Research Shows Opioid Drug Treatment Implant to Be Effective

Buprenorphine is a medication used in rehabilitation clinics to help wean opioid addicts off their drug of choice. The withdrawal symptoms for the opioid class of drugs can be so overwhelming that they drive those with an addiction straight back to using to avoid the physical and emotional pain. Instead of going cold turkey, doses … Continue Reading

Mindfulness Training Helps Individuals in Drug Treatment Avoid Relapse

How many of us are multitasking the majority of our day? Our mind is being pulled in numerous directions with multiple people needing our time, energy and attention. This type of lifestyle is not conducive to “living in the present moment” as we are so often told is the healthiest way to exist. Nevertheless, experts … Continue Reading

Prescription Drug Use and Abuse May Have Lethal Results for Seniors

According to the Centers for Disease Control, someone dies due to a prescription drug overdose every 19 minutes in this country. A vast majority of these cases are accidental or the result of addiction. Over the past decade, admissions for seniors into rehab centers have skyrocketed by 450 percent and unintentional prescription drug overdose is … Continue Reading

Man Charged for Smoking Marijuana on Airplane

Adam Blumenkranz has a prescription for marijuana, a prescription that he assumed was like any other medical prescription. When he boarded a flight from Florida to New Jersey, he packed his prescription – and everything he needed to use the drug – in his carry-on bag rather than checking it in his luggage, just as … Continue Reading

Rangers’ Josh Hamilton to Have Addiction Accountability Partner

Josh Hamilton has come a long way in his struggle against drug and alcohol addiction, and while the Rangers are welcoming him back with open arms, they expect him to stay on track, too. To that end, he intends to have an “addiction accountability” partner with him to help him make good choices no matter … Continue Reading

How Casual Drug Abuse Leads to Drug Addiction

No matter what the story or end result, every addict’s story starts with a single use of an illicit substance. In most cases, that use was voluntary and experimental and enjoyable enough to lead to a second use, and a third and a fourth until chronic abuse was the order of the day. When the … Continue Reading

A Rare United Front: Both Parties Want Aggressive Attack on Prescription Drug Abuse

In Maine, a rare occurrence has happened in the state legislature; a task force has taken shape that includes members from both parties and they have a common goal in mind – a formalized attack on prescription drug abuse and addiction in the state. Based on a new report that called for an organized and … Continue Reading

Salvia Abuse: What It Is, What You Need to Know

Salvia is a plant that is most often found in Southern America and Central America, one whose main ingredient is triggered when users of the drug chew the leaves or drink the juices extracted from the leaves. It can also be smoked in a cigarette paper, used in a water pipe, or vaporized before being … Continue Reading

Develop a Plan for a Successful Recovery in 2012

It’s a new year, and this means a new beginning for every part of your life including your recovery from addiction. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of recovery or new to staying sober, developing a plan for yourself that’s based on where you are in your recovery will help you to avoid relapse in … Continue Reading

Forced Drug Rehab: Can It Help?

It’s nothing that is likely to ever make the law books here in the United States, but it’s a concept being introduced and enforced in a number of other countries and it’s a hot topic of debate: forced drug rehab. Cambodia has adopted a new measure to fight their ongoing problem with drug addiction and … Continue Reading

Cocaine, Marijuana Most Cited Drugs in International Trafficking and Crime

Across the board, marijuana is the most commonly cited drug when it comes to international trafficking incidents and associated crime, according the annual report of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. However, in a few countries, other drugs are surpassing marijuana – specifically, cocaine. Established Drugs Considered to be “established” drugs, the … Continue Reading

Blagojevich Requests Rehab Prior to Serving Prison Sentence

Rob Blagojevich, the former Illinois governor, who was convicted of federal corruption charges, requested a rehab stay prior to the start of his prison sentence. His lawyers made this request on his behalf, the Associated Press reports. In response to his lawyers’ request, Judge James Zagel, a US District Court Judge, agreed to recommend Blagojevich … Continue Reading

Healthcare Workers Take Prescription Drugs to Feed Their Own Addictions

A silent epidemic has arisen in the medical community – nurses caught devising methods to pilfer prescription medications. A plethora of nurses have been caught with intricate and not-so-intricate systems of siphoning off medications under the radar. Where there’s smoke there is almost always fire, so we have to wonder the numbers of nurses, doctors … Continue Reading

NIDA’s Dr. Nora Volkow Talks Brain Chemistry and Drug Addiction

Dr. Nora Volkow is the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). She has studied how drugs affect the brain extensively and uses that research to inform her work in drug addiction treatment and recovery. The neural pathways of addiction in the brain are some of the foci of her research. With her … Continue Reading

Do You Deserve a Good Life After Addiction?

One of the biggest issues reported by patients in recovery who are struggling to stay dedicated to their program is that nagging belief that they just don’t deserve good things to happen to them – including the good things that come with a successful recovery after addiction. Why Do Some Feel That They Don’t Deserve … Continue Reading

What 30 Days of Heroin Does to You

Adored Historical Figures Who Needed Help

When considering some of the greatest historical figures and their contributions to the world, we rarely let our minds wander to their personal lives and trials. Like every other human being, these talented people had strengths and weaknesses in their character, and they fell into addictive habits, as well. Here’s a list of some of … Continue Reading

Medicare One Possible Avenue for Prescription Drug Abuse

Adding fuel to a contentious debate over reform for social programs such as Medicare and Social Security, an investigation launched by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has found a great number of people possibly abusing medical benefits in order to maintain a dangerous prescription drug habit. Prescription drug addiction has been skyrocketing in the US … Continue Reading

What Gives You Away by Drug

When people are addicted or even casually using narcotics, they can’t fully hide it — both physical and emotional signals tend to signal others. Each drug has its own reaction on the body and can serve as indicators of whether someone is using illegal substances. Here are the signs that result from five common drugs. … Continue Reading

What Types of Therapy Benefit Drug Rehab?

When you choose an all-inclusive drug rehab, the psychological aspect of addiction to any drug or alcohol is addressed after detox during therapy. This portion of care takes up the bulk of your time in treatment and provides you with the opportunity to really dig into the root causes of addiction and work through problems … Continue Reading

The Cost of Addiction to Different Drugs

Stimulant Drug Addiction: How it Starts, How to Fight It

Stimulant drugs include amphetamines and methamphetamines like Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin and others; they are drugs that increase energy, focus and attention as well as the heart rate and blood pressure. They were once prescribed for respiratory ailments like asthma because of their ability to open up pathways in the respiratory system or for weight loss … Continue Reading

The Connection Between Heroin Addiction and Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is an epidemic in the United States and one of the most quickly growing health problems in the country and around the world. Along with the increase in prescription drug addicts, studies have shown a similar but smaller increase among heroin addicts. Is there a connection between these statistical increases? And if … Continue Reading

3 Types of Painkiller Detox

Prescription painkillers are opiate drugs and there are multiple ways to address the withdrawal symptoms that accompany painkiller detox. Outpatient medicated painkiller detox utilizes cutting-edge drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of opiate detox. Inpatient medicated painkiller detox may or may not use these meds. They may instead use other non-addictive medications for … Continue Reading

More and More Babies Born to Prescription Drug Addicts

Prescription drug overdoses and deaths caused by chronic prescription drug addiction are increasingly more common in the United States and, along with those numbers, the number of babies being born to women who are living with an active prescription drug addiction is on the increase as well. Whether the child is born addicted or stillborn … Continue Reading

Has Cocaine Addiction Been Replaced With Crystal Meth Addiction?

Cocaine has a reputation as being the party drug that defined the 1970s and 1980s, especially here in the United States. The stimulant, “feel good” effects of the drug made it easy for users to stay up later, party longer and be more social at the same time. Over time, though, cocaine became one of … Continue Reading

Prescription Drug Addiction Interventions: Getting Help for Your Family Member

A prescription drug addiction intervention is one of the most effective ways to encourage a family member who is living with an OxyContin addiction, Percocet addiction, Valium addiction or addiction to other drugs to get the drug rehab help necessary to create change in their lives. By sitting down with others who are concerned for … Continue Reading

Top Arguments in Drug Addiction Treatment, Part I

The study of addiction treatment at universities is rapidly developing into a specialty at many top medical schools. While more research can only lead to a better understanding of the subject of drug and alcohol addiction, it also means that there will be a number of arguments under heated debate over the coming years. Here … Continue Reading

Learning How to Play Hard Naturally After Cocaine Addiction

One of the many reasons that patient report that they were attracted to cocaine and ultimately developed an addiction is because they enjoyed the “assistance” it gave them, allowing them to stay up later, play harder and drink more. After cocaine rehab, this issue of stamina and energy becomes a problem in recovery. How do … Continue Reading

Coming Out About Past Drug and Alcohol Addiction

There is often a stigma attached to those who have received treatment at drug and alcohol rehab, and for those who are just coming out of treatment, it can be a big decision – to tell or not to tell. Many fear that if they tell, they will be denied opportunities or ostracized during a … Continue Reading

Can You Cure Your Own Drug Addiction?

Ever since Charlie Sheen calmly stated on The Today Show that he had cured himself of his drug addiction by saying, “I closed my eyes and made it so with the power of my mind,” the question of whether or not it truly is possible to cure one’s own drug addiction without medical treatment has … Continue Reading

How Alcohol and Drugs Interfere with Nutrition During Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction almost always means malnutrition of some kind. Whether it’s because the drug decreases the appetite or because the cost of the drug sucks up the food budget, few active drug and alcohol addicts get the nutrients they need through food. Dehydration is also a common issue. Without enough water, the body … Continue Reading

Maine Has One of Highest Per Capita Prescription Drug Addiction Rates

Prescription drug abuse and addiction are problems across the United States and around the world, but in this country, Maine has one of the highest per capita prescription drug addiction rates, according to the latest research and numbers. Social workers, law enforcement, drug addiction counselors and drug rehabs that provide treatment for those struggling with … Continue Reading

Fighting Heroin Addiction in the Family

When heroin addiction is an issue in a family, most try to cover it up and keep it a secret. This does nothing but enable the family member’s addiction and set up everyone else in the family for a lifetime of problems and mental health issues. The best way to deal with heroin addiction within … Continue Reading

Rising Rate of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Among Seniors

Reports are coming in that the rate of drug and alcohol addiction among older adults is on the rise, and family members and caregivers are having a hard time figuring out how to deal with the problem.  Prescription drug addiction and alcoholism are the biggest culprits for this age group due to the easy access … Continue Reading

How Cocaine Addiction Harms the Family

No one walks away unscathed when a family member suffers from cocaine addiction. Whether or not they acknowledge the behaviors that happen under the influence of cocaine abuse and addiction, each family member develops their own issues in response. It’s impossible to simply ignore or absorb something so devastating happening to a close family member … Continue Reading

Caffeine and Cigarettes: Should You Make the Break in Recovery?

Caffeine and cigarettes – they are the mainstay of tens of thousands in recovery. During 12-step meetings, coffee is always available and breaks are given during meetings so everyone can go outside and smoke. The problem is that both caffeine and nicotine can cause serious problems in the long and short term. On the other … Continue Reading

Psychotic Disorders and Drug Addiction Treatment

Psychotic disorders are often one of the two co-occurring disorders that lead those who are living with drug and alcohol addiction to require Dual Diagnosis treatment. Characterized as schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders, these issues can mean disorganized thinking patterns and loose contact with reality. When coupled with drug addiction, the issue can be overwhelming and … Continue Reading

Causes of Prescription Drug Addiction

It’s a question commonly asked by individuals who enter prescription drug rehab: why me? They want to know why it is that their friends can take a prescription painkiller or a tranquilizer for anxiety and not develop an addiction but they can’t. It’s a good question, and one that researchers have been struggling to answer … Continue Reading

Thai Museum Explores History of Heroin Addiction

The Hall of Opium in Northern Thailand’s Chiang Rai province is no ordinary museum. Its latest exhibit focuses on the history of heroin addiction, mapping its evolution over the centuries. Everything about the opium poppy’s history to today’s current events surrounding heroin drug trafficking and addiction is highlighted in the extensive exhibit. In fact, even … Continue Reading

Maine May Shut Down All Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Maine is having a serious budget crunch and it looks like state officials are thinking about cutting one of the most essential health services they have: inpatient substance abuse treatment programs. Forget that Maine has a drug and alcohol addiction rate that is eight times the national average; in a move that is typical of … Continue Reading

Gaining Perspective: Fighting Irrational Thoughts in Addiction Recovery

A couple days ago, we discussed the problematic nature of overcoming irrational thoughts to overcoming addiction. By believing the negative thoughts that often characterize low self-esteem, the alcoholic or addict can successfully blot out the feelings of pain associated with the negative effects of continued alcoholism by rationalizing that things would be worse without alcohol … Continue Reading

Top 10 Benefits of 12-Step Treatment

If you’re considering 12-step treatment after – or before – drug rehab but have been avoiding going to a meeting because you’re thinking it might be a waste of time, consider this: those who attend and continue to attend 12-step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in addition to drug and alcohol … Continue Reading

Families, Prison and Drug Addiction Statistics

The effect on families when parents or children develop drug and alcohol addictions that land them in jail is serious, indeed. According to the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Statistics, the numbers are startling: Almost 1.6 million children in the United States have a father in prison. About 46 percent of them are … Continue Reading

Packing for Alcohol Rehab: What Not to Bring

When you begin packing for your stay at a residential alcohol rehab, the first thing you should do is take a long look at the packing list provided to you by your addiction treatment facility. On your packing list, you’ll find a list of things to pack and things to leave at home, but if … Continue Reading

Going Back to School After Drug Rehab: Pros and Cons

One of the best things about going to drug rehab is that when you get out, you have your whole life in front of you. Everything you ever wanted for yourself is possible, and for many, that means a new career or returning to a career that they lost due to drug addiction. If advancement … Continue Reading

3 Types of Prescription Drug Addiction to Watch Out For

There are three different classifications of prescription drugs that are highly addictive, even when you have a prescription for a legitimate reason from your doctor: stimulant addiction, opiate painkiller addiction and benzodiazepine (benzo) addiction. Each of these drug classifications has different effects but non-medical use of any of them has one result in common: prescription … Continue Reading

Is Your Teen Hiding a Drug Addiction?

Your 16-year old son walks in the door an hour late from soccer practice with bloodshot eyes, mumbles a quick “hello” and then bolts into his bedroom and shuts the door. You’re left with questions of personal perception floating in and out of your mind. Did you watch that scene accurately? Are you being overly … Continue Reading


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