Santa Barbara Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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According to California Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues At-A-Glance published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the rate of use of illicit drugs across all age groups in California has been higher than the national average since 2003 – that includes past-month illicit drug use among those over the age of 12.

Twelve years old is young to begin experimenting with illicit substances, but thousands of kids across the state do it every year. Those who are young when they first try drugs and alcohol are more likely to develop a lifelong issue with addiction – one that requires treatment.

If someone in your family in Santa Barbara, California is struggling with abuse of illicit drugs, don’t wait to help them get treatment. Call now for our assistance.

Recognizing the Signs of Substance Abuse

Depending upon which substance or substances your loved one is using, the signs that treatment is necessary may be different. There are, however, a number of social changes that often occur as someone falls deeper and deeper into drug and alcohol abuse. These include:

  • Changes in friends
  • Loss of interest in goals and hobbies
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Changes in eating patterns

Is It Time to Help Your Loved One Fight Drug Abuse? Call Now

Do you recognize the signs above in someone you love in Santa Barbara? It’s never too early to speak up and say something to help your family member avoid the pitfalls of untreated drug abuse. Contact us at the phone number listed above to learn more about matching them to the right drug rehab for their needs.

See more treatment options in California

Alano Club

235 E Cota St

Santa Barbara CA, 93101-1620
(805) 962-5013 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Alcoholics Anonymous

1213 State St # H

Santa Barbara CA, 93101-2688
(805) 962-3332 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Casa Serena Sober Living Homes

1515 Bath St

Santa Barbara CA, 93101-3024
(805) 966-1260 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Cottage Residential Center

306 W Montecito St

Santa Barbara CA,
(805) 687-6681 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Council On Alcoholism & Drug

232 E Canon Perdido St

Santa Barbara CA, 93101-2242
(805) 963-1433 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Gay & Lesbian Resource Center

126 E Haley St

Santa Barbara CA, 93101-2342
(805) 963-3636 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

320 W Pueblo St

Santa Barbara CA, 93105-4390
(805) 682-7111 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Santa Barbara Rescue Mission

535 E Yanonali St

Santa Barbara CA, 93103-3254
(805) 966-1316 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>



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