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Whether you’re looking for a Malibu rehab, a detox center in Malibu or a sober living home that can help you make the transition into your new life of abstinence without a hitch, we can help you find what you need. Call now. (See related: Los Angeles Rehabilitation Centers)

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Are you physically dependent upon your painkiller prescription? Do you find yourself drinking in large amounts daily? Are you concerned that your “experimental” use of street drugs like marijuana or cocaine has turned into something more serious? Here are some signs that you or someone you care about needs Malibu rehab treatment:

  • Financial problems caused by alcoholism or addiction. Those who are living with an addiction that requires treatment at a Malibu rehab program are usually unable to control their finances. Many lose their jobs when they stop coming into work, continually show up late, and/or perform poorly when they are in attendance. Many prioritize buying more drugs over the payment of bills including rent/mortgages, utilities and others. Savings often evaporate in a few months when the income stops or slows. Fees and interest charges pile up and often lead to creditors at the door, lawsuits and bankruptcy.
  • Relationship issues due to addiction. Problems with your spouse, issues with your children, estrangement from extended family members – all these are common when you are living with an addiction that requires Malibu drug and alcohol rehab.
  • Withdrawal symptoms that occur when you’re without your drug of choice. When you stop using your drug of choice or miss a dose, do you feel physically ill? These are withdrawal symptoms and their presence signifies that you are dealing with an addiction and treatment is necessary.


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If you are unable to stop abusing drugs and alcohol on your own, contact us today to find a Malibu rehab treatment program that can help you.

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Preferred Listings

The Canyon

2900 South Kanan Dune Road

Malibu CA, 90265


Echo Treatment Center

PO Box 6323

Malibu CA, 90264-6323
(310) 589-2090 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Harmony Place

6140 Cavalleri Road

Malibu CA, 90265


Malibu Beach Recovery Center

23852 Pacific COast Hwy #387

Malibu Ca, 90265



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