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Being the largest city in the state of California, and the second largest in the United States, Los Angeles is a melting pot of ideas, cultures and people from all over the world. But for many, life in the “City of Angeles” is a daily challenge – as men and women of all races and socio-economic groups struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol. The situation would be hopeless for many of these men and women were it not for the fact that Los Angeles is home to some of the most renowned drug and alcohol rehab centers in the world.

Types Of Los Angeles Drug And Alcohol Rehab

There are a number of different styles of drug and alcohol treatment in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The discussion must start, however, with the two basic types of rehab treatment: residential and outpatient.
Residential addiction treatment programs are located in some of the most beautiful areas of Los Angeles, including Malibu, Palm Springs and the Hollywood Hills. At these Caliornia rehab facilities, the individual receives round-the-clock care as the progress through detox, counseling and aftercare.

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Los Angeles tends to be found in more concentrated urban areas such as West LA, Westwood or Downtown. These programs give the individual additional freedom to be near their family during recovery.

What Makes Los Angeles Alcohol and Drug Treatment Unique?

Los Angeles addiction treatment professionals are pushing the envelope in terms of advanced treatment modalities. In addition to groundbreaking treatment techniques, many Los Angeles treatment facilities incorporate holistic methods such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture into their technique.
Here you can find a drug rehab center in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles:

Preferred Listings

The Canyon at Santa Monica

12304 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles CA, 90025
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Alcoholics Anonymous

113 W 45th St

Los Angeles CA, 90037-2717
(323) 235-4610 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Alternatives Inc

2526 Hyperion Ave

Los Angeles CA, 90027-3352
(323) 671-1600 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Aly F Counseling & Treatment

5260 S Figueroa St # 102

Los Angeles CA, 90037-3755
(562) 799-6032 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Avalon Carver Community Center

4920 Avalon Blvd

Los Angeles CA, 90011-4096
(323) 232-4391 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Behavioral Health Services

3421 E Olympic Blvd

Los Angeles CA, 90023-3030
(323) 262-1786 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


BHS Hollywood Family Recovery Center

6838 W Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles CA, 90028-7008
(323) 461-3161 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Casa de Colibri

7444 Woodrow Wilson Dr.

Los Angeles CA, 90046
323-512-4705 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>



3740 Overland Ave # C

Los Angeles CA, 90034-6377
(310) 559-5833 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Encore Relapse Prevention Education

5521 Grosvenor Blvd

Los Angeles CA, 90066-6992
(310) 822-9576 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Friendly House

3112 Castle Heights Ave

Los Angeles CA, 90034-2707
(310) 204-3351 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Jeff-Grand Medical Group

3130 S Hill St

Los Angeles CA, 90007-3817
(213) 747-7267 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Liberty House

1841 Benecia Ave

Los Angeles CA, 90025-5011
(310) 277-3017 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Los Angeles Transition Center

1034 Leighton Ave

Los Angeles CA, 90037-1612
(323) 373-0507 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Mary Lind Recovery Centers

2500 Wilshire Blvd # 826

Los Angeles CA, 90057-4313
(213) 382-4241 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Matrix Institute

5220 W Washington Blvd # 101

Los Angeles CA, 90016-1331
(323) 933-9186 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>



340 E 2nd St # 409

Los Angeles CA, 90012-4249
(213) 625-5795 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Narconon Drug Prevention & Edu

4442 York Blvd # 18

Los Angeles CA, 90041-3356
(323) 257-8009 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


New Directions Inc

11303 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles CA, 90025-5069
(310) 914-4045 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


People Coordinated Services-S Ca

1319 S Manhattan Pl

Los Angeles CA, 90019-4702
(323) 734-1143 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


People In Progress Inc

1636 W 8th St # 103

Los Angeles CA, 90017-2121
(213) 388-0818 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Promises Addiction Treatment


Los Angeles CA, 90066


Shields For Families Inc

11601 S Western Ave

Los Angeles CA, 90047-5006
(323) 242-5000 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


The Discovery Program

1831 Benecia Ave

Los Angeles CA, 90025-5011
(310) 843-0246 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Tri City Institute

2080 Century Park E # 1802

Los Angeles CA, 90067-2021
(310) 553-9500 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


United American Indian

1125 W 6th St # 103

Los Angeles CA, 90017-1896
(213) 202-3970 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Volunteers Of America Los Angeles

543 Crocker St

Los Angeles CA, 90013-2116
(213) 236-0875 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Walden House

1355 S Hill St

Los Angeles CA, 90015-3012
(213) 763-6220 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>



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