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With almost 500,000 people, problems are bound to arise. Unfortunately, many citizens of Long Beach are finding themselves unable to cope with their alcohol and drug addictions, and leaving them seeking help from a professional facility. California rehab programs help patients understand their addiction, and learn the best methods for coping with sobriety in the Los Angeles area.

Types Of Long Beach Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient facilities are available to patients who are unable to give up their daily responsibilities to enter into a treatment rehabilitation program, but know that they need help to begin down the road to sobriety. Counseling and therapy is available to help them understand why they have so many problems trying to get sober.

Inpatient treatment centers take a full, hands on approach to helping patients become sober. By providing rapid detoxification, intense medical supervision, and therapy sessions, patients learn how to overcome their addiction, and how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms properly.

What Happens After Long Beach Drug And Alcohol Treatment?

Once you have completed your treatment program, you will want to remain in contact with your counselors from the facility to make sure they know how well you are doing with your recovery. You will also want to avoid situations that could trigger emotions in your brain that would cause you to relapse.

American Indian Changing

2120 W Williams St # 1

Long Beach CA, 90810-3617
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Atlantic Recovery Services

1909 Atlantic Ave

Long Beach CA, 90806-5509
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Redgate Memorial Recovery Center

1775 Chestnut Ave

Long Beach CA, 90813-1674
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Serene Center Long Beach

1215 E 4th Street

Long Beach CA, 90802


Substance Abuse Foundation

1041 Redondo Ave

Long Beach CA, 90804-3928
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Tarzana Treatment Center

5190 Atlantic Ave

Long Beach CA, 90805-6510
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West County Medical Clinic

100 E Market St

Long Beach CA, 90805-5924
(562) 428-4222 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>



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