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Costa Mesa is home to almost 117,000 people, and because of so many people in one area, a lot of citizens are finding themselves trying to overcome their alcohol addiction. Costa Mesa, California treatment centers help patients understand their addiction and how to clear their path to sobriety.

Paying for Costa Mesa Addiction Treatment

The cost of Costa Mesa drug and alcohol treatment programs varies – with some costing more than thousands of dollars per month to attend. And even less expensive outpatient treatment centers may be priced out of reach for many families. Luckily insurance companies are now covering more and more drug and alcohol rehab treatment than ever before. And even the facilities themselves are getting into the act – offering generous financing options for those families that need time to get back on their feet.

Types Of Costa Mesa Drug And Alcohol Rehab

One on one counseling, constant medical supervision, as well as aftercare treatment are available for patients that have used alcohol heavily, or for long periods of time and have developed a more severe addiction, through inpatient facilities.

By allowing patients to continue on with their daily lives, but also have one on one counseling and group therapy sessions, people are able to overcome their addiction and take care of the daily tasks that must be handled, by entering into an outpatient program.

Natural approaches such as yoga, meditation, and stretching teach patients how to overcome their addiction without the use of chemicals, as well as develop their mind, body, and soul to help them continue down the road of sobriety.

What Happens After Costa Mesa Drug And Alcohol Treatment?

When you complete your treatment program, you are going to want to ensure you continue down the road to sobriety. Staying in touch with your group and counselor will give you people to talk to, should you feel like you are going to relapse.

California Recovery

2025 Newport Blvd Ste 6

Costa Mesa CA, 92627


College Hospital Costa Mesa

301 Victoria St

Costa Mesa CA, 92627-7131
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Heritage House

2212 Placentia Ave

Costa Mesa CA, 92627-7500
(949) 646-2271 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Hope Institute

2900 Bristol St # C206

Costa Mesa CA, 92626-5946
(714) 432-0020 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Keystone Sober Living for men

2152 Raleigh

Costa Mesa CA, 92626
949 646 8222 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


National Therapeutic Services Inc

209 E 18th Street

Costa Mesa CA, 92627


National Therapeutic Services Inc The RAP Center and Joshua House

660 West Baker Street, Sutie 421

Costa Mesa CA, 92626


Orange County Detox

536 Hamilton Street B

Costa Mesa CA, 92627


Safe Harbor Treatment Center

240 Knox St

Costa Mesa CA, 92627-3742
(949) 645-1026 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Southern CA Alcohol and Drug Progs Inc

2212 Placentia Avenue

Costa Mesa CA, 92627


Supportive Recovery Services

160 Bay Street

Costa Mesa CA, 92627


The Joshua House

2384 Newport Blvd

Costa Mesa CA, 92627-1549
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