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Bath salts are one of the latest underground drugs to hit the United States. Still unregulated in many states, they are often found online and in head shops under names that include Cloud Nine, Blue Silk, Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, White Lightning and others. The kids and young adults who try this drug are often unaware of how dangerous it can be, and parents and family members may not even realize that their loved one is using an illicit substance – until it’s too late.

Any family from Colton, California can find the drug addiction help they need to heal. Call now to find out how to get started. See Related: San Bernardino Rehabs.

Bath Salts: The Latest Assault on America

The primary active ingredient in bath salts is a synthetic version of cathinones, the stimulant chemical found in khat, another popular drug. Mephedrone and mehtylone, too, may be found in a given batch of bath salts. Because the production of the drug is unregulated, users often have no idea what is in the drug or in what concentration.

In fact, little has been documented about bath salts and their use because they have been on the market for such a short amount of time. What we do know is that short-term effects include paranoia, agitation, hallucinations, confusion, violent behavior and suicidal thoughts. Physically, users often experience an elevated heart rate, chest pain and hypertension; overdose can cause death.

The long-term effects, however, are still unknown.

California Drug Rehab Can Help You Change Your Life

In October of 2011, the DEA published an order that exercised its right to place an emergency scheduling decision upon the three synthetic substances used to make bath salts. Though there is little long-term research to document its effects, there is quite a bit of empirical evidence that says that the drug is dangerous. However, people are still selling the drug in a number of venues and it is still relatively easy to find.

If bath salts abuse is a problem for someone you care about in Colton, CA, drug rehab can help them get back on track. Call now to discuss options for drug rehabilitation in California.

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