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How do you know when it’s time to seek help from a drug rehab? It’s not always easy to recognize when you’ve crossed over from occasional drug abuse that you control to the dark world of drug addiction. It often happens quickly and without warning, but once you recognize that addiction is an issue for you, it’s important to begin the process of healing by finding a drug rehab that will work for you. Call now for more information on drug rehabs available to those from Clovis, California. (See Nearby: Fresno Drug Rehab)

Stages of Need: Is It Time for Rehab?

No one goes from a drug-free individual to an addict overnight. It takes time as you move through the stages of dependence development. Each person is different, and different people will spend varying amounts of time in each of the stages. Where do you fit in?

  • Experimental use. The first stage, experimental use, is the occasional use – or abuse – of alcohol or other drugs. Use is casual and infrequent.
  • Regular use. When use becomes a regular occurrence, you move into the second stage. You may begin to miss work or school, focus more on getting your drug of choice, and use the drug to feel better when depressed, angry or bored. Tolerance also increases during this stage, causing you to use more and more of the drug.
  • Daily obsession. When you feel almost unable to think of anything but your drug of choice, you move into the third stage. Your relationships, your responsibilities, your interests – all these fall to the wayside as drug abuse becomes your primary focus.
  • Dependence. The final stage is active drug addiction. You are both physically and psychologically dependent, experiencing withdrawal symptoms and cravings when you are without your drug of choice.

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