Packing for Alcohol Rehab: What Not to Bring

Packing for Rehab
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When you begin packing for your stay at a residential alcohol rehab, the first thing you should do is take a long look at the packing list provided to you by your addiction treatment facility. On your packing list, you’ll find a list of things to pack and things to leave at home, but if you don’t have such a list or if you haven’t yet enrolled and you’re wondering what is and isn’t allowed at alcohol rehab, here are a few pointers to get your started.

Packing for Alcohol Rehab: Don’t Bring Drugs or Alcohol

It’s sounds obvious, but every day at drug rehab centers across the country, new patients come in and have alcohol and drugs removed from their possessions. If you think you’ve found a sneaky new place to hide drugs or alcohol, think again. Counselors are trained to look for fancy and creative hiding places, and most are experienced enough to recognize most of them right away. This isn’t their first rodeo. Their goal is to help you help yourself, and that starts with doing a thorough search of your belongings and removing all intoxicants.

Note on prescription drugs: Many have legitimate prescriptions for a wide number of reasons when they come to alcohol rehab. That’s not a problem. Even if it’s an addictive medication, you can still take it as prescribed during your treatment. It will, however, be taken from you and held by staff members who will later make sure that you get the prescribed dose at the prescribed time each day.

Packing for Alcohol Rehab: Don’t Bring Electronics

Cell phones, PDAs, wireless devices of any kind including book reading devices with wi-fi capability, laptop computers – none of these are allowed. Some alcohol rehabs will also severely limit your use of iPods or MP3 players, DVD players and non-wireless book reading devices. You will be given phone time on a restricted basis during your stay in treatment, and limited Internet use may be available. The focus of your treatment will be on your psychological growth and development, not social media or communicating with friends and family members outside of the program.

Packing for Alcohol Rehab: Don’t Bring Too Many Clothes

At inpatient alcohol rehab facilities, you will have access to a washer and dryer. Bring about seven to 10 days worth of comfortable clothes and nothing you wouldn’t mind losing. Avoid bringing valuables of any kind as well – nice jewelry or watches, especially – as these will be taken from you, stored properly during your treatment and returned before you go home.

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