Maine May Shut Down All Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Maine is having a serious budget crunch and it looks like state officials are thinking about cutting one of the most essential health services they have: inpatient substance abuse treatment programs. Forget that Maine has a drug and alcohol addiction rate that is eight times the national average; in a move that is typical of the “save a penny, lose a pound” government mentality, Maine officials may be closing down 10 of the 13 inpatient drug rehab facilities.

Paul Le Page, governor of Maine, wants to cut $5.6 million from Maine’s drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs. These cuts are so harsh that the treatment providers who depend upon the funds are saying that they will have to close if the legislation goes through.

It doesn’t make a lot of financial sense though, and the proposal has many substance abuse treatment center staff members frustrated. Those who receive drug rehab services by court order cost the state half as much as those sentenced to a corrections facility. The concern is that those who no longer have the option of treatment due to the budget cuts will end up in jail or in the emergency room – neither one an inexpensive prospect for the state.

The private drug rehabs that depend upon the state for financing often get 40 to 100 percent of their budget from state funds. These facilities will be unable to make up that amount from other sources.

The Need for Inpatient Drug Rehab

Those who need inpatient or residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment are among those most seriously hit by the disease of addiction. They often need the residential aspect of treatment as much as the medical help itself because their addiction has separated them from their families and their home. Unfortunately, the Maine’s Office of Substance Abuse reports that including the state cuts and the federal funds that match state funds means an overall cut from $37 million to $24 million. Outpatient rehab programs will still be funded as well as three emergency detox centers. Those who require more assistance will need to find 12-step meetings and personal therapy.

Finding Drug Rehab Elsewhere

If you need inpatient rehab, no outpatient program will work. Outpatient programs just don’t provide the care and intensive treatment that many patients need. There is hope for Maine residents who need inpatient drug rehab. Choosing a residential facility out of state can mean a break from the environmental stressors that perpetuated drug addiction and provide patients with the space they need to get a jump on their recovery. Contact us today to find an inpatient drug rehab that can help you fight addiction and start again.


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