Ativan Rehab Costs

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Ativan Rehab Costs Addiction Treatment

Ativan addiction (and drug addiction as a whole) can throw an individual’s life into chaos. Relationships may be damaged and careers lost as a result of a growing dependence on this depressant drug.

In a perfect world, proper professional Ativan rehabilitation would be free, with everyone who needs treatment able to receive it – regardless of income or access.  However, like any aspect of medical care, Ativan addiction treatment costs money – sometimes a significant amount of money.

The following information is designed to help those men and women who have developed an addiction to this powerful prescription medication and need help obtaining vital treatment but are concerned about the costs associated with their care.

Why Families Struggle to Pay for Treatment

It’s a difficult situation. Those families that can ill afford not to place their family member in an Ativan rehab program are often the ones least likely to be able to pay.  Why is this?  Isn’t prescription drug addiction predominantly a problem of the rich?  The answer is “no” – Ativan addiction impacts the lives of men and women of all backgrounds and socio-economic groups, and for that reason, there are a number of different types of Ativan rehabs to choose from including drug rehabs for women, outpatient treatment, religious rehab and others.

In addition, obtaining Ativan during an addiction can be an expensive proposition.  As “street drugs,” Ativan and other prescription medications are very costly – much more so than crack or heroin. This means that some families may have seen their finances destroyed by the addicted individual at a time when they need the money the most, leaving nothing left over to pay for Ativan rehab costs.

What Does it Cost?

Most drug rehab centers across the United States offer Ativan addiction treatment as part of their prescription drug rehabilitation program. The cost of these programs vary, but as a general rule, the cost of residential treatment is higher than that of outpatient care.  In fact, some of the most exclusive drug rehab centers can cost as much as several thousand dollars per month to attend.  Outpatient rehab usually costs much less than this, but the price tag may still be out of reach for many families.

Get Help with Paying for Rehab

The inability to pay for drug rehab is one of the key reasons why many individuals living with an Ativan addiction do not get the treatment help they need. Ativan is an expensive drug to purchase illegally, and as such, many men and women will find themselves suffering from financial difficulties at a time when they need those funds to pay for treatment.

Aside from borrowing money from friends and family in order to pay for rehab care (not an option for many people), there are two primary means of obtaining financial help to offset Ativan rehab costs: insurance and private financing.

  • Insurance.  A growing number of health insurance companies are now offering coverage for individuals seeking drug rehab treatment.  For those living with Ativan drug addiction, a chance to offset some or all of the cost of rehab can be crucial.
  • Financing.  More and more drug rehab centers are pairing with lenders to offer private financing for their potential patients.  While this does not remove or lower the cost of care, it does allow the individual and her family to break down the price into more manageable payments spread out over time.   This can be of great benefit to families who have seen their finances thrown into chaos as a result of Ativan addiction.

The Importance of Ativan Rehabilitation

Finding a way to pay for professional Ativan rehab is exceptionally important. Prescription drug addiction can be dangerous – with individuals putting everything in their life in jeopardy to obtain and abuse more and more of the drug.  In addition, there is no medication currently available that can effectively aid in the treatment of Ativan addiction.   That means that supervised detox and behavioral therapy is the best – indeed, only – way to help men and women break the cycle of Ativan dependence.


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