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Mesa Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Mesa, Arizona, while being one of the lesser known cities in America still remains home for more than 450,000 people. With a diverse population also comes a wide range of mental illnesses and other health problems, including alcoholism and drug addiction. The different Arizona rehabs can treat these illnesses, drug and alcohol rehabs and dual diagnosis rehab centers are available.

Types Of Mesa, Arizona Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient – Some patients require an intense detoxification process, and then require additional supervision by medical staff and counselors, as well as attending group sessions to help relieve themselves of their addiction.

Outpatient Treatment – When a person has other things to attend to in life, and cannot completely commit to an inpatient treatment center, outpatient programs allow for the same benefits, such as one on one time with counselors, and group support.

Holistic – If you are looking to remove chemical dependency from your life, without the use of chemicals, then you will want to consider committing to a natural program that utilizes techniques such as yoga, and meditation to help users overcome their addiction.
What Happens After Mesa Alcoholism and Drug Treatment?

When you complete your treatment, whether inpatient, outpatient, or natural and holistic, you are going to want to make sure you avoid situations that can cause you to relapse. There are programs available for aftercare that will help you avoid a possible relapse.

Advanced Counseling Center

1830 S Alma School Rd # 104

Mesa, AZ 85210-3086
(480) 655-9550


Alcoholics Anonymous

1320 E Broadway Rd # 105

Mesa, AZ 85204-2353
(480) 834-9033


Catholic Social Serivce

430 North Dobson Road Suite 110

Mesa, AZ 85201


Dynamic Living Counseling Inc

1555 S Gilbert Rd # 103

Mesa, AZ 85204-6000
(480) 507-9919


East Valley Substance Abuse

1550 E University Dr # F1

Mesa, AZ 85203-8153
(480) 833-8122


Treatment Assessment Screening Ctr Inc

423 North Country Club Drive Suite 19

Mesa, AZ 85201


Women In New Recovery

860 N Center St

Mesa, AZ 85201-4201
(480) 464-5764



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