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The legality of purchasing alcohol gives the false impression that its use can never be anything but harmless.

There are a number of circumstances, however, in which alcohol becomes a dangerous drug that can be deadly: when consumed in large amounts, when consumed in any amount by a teenager, when combined with other drugs and when consumed before doing certain activities like driving. When alcohol is consumed under these circumstances, dangerous – even deadly – consequences result. If the drinker is unable to stop drinking despite these problems, then alcohol addiction treatment is necessary.

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Fighting for Your Life with Treatment

Research from the US Centers for Disease Control tells us that the top three causes of death among those between the ages of 15 and 24 are car accidents, homicide and suicide – and alcohol plays a part in each one. Alcohol and other drugs also play a big part in almost every crime committed in the United States, crimes that often result in years lost to prison.  Additionally, those who drink excessively are at risk for both acute and chronic health problems as well as a host of other issues that affect daily life. Some of the most common areas affected by alcoholism include family relationships, child custody, work relationships and finances.

Identifying the Need for Help

It may not always be easy to recognize when alcohol abuse has evolved into an addiction that requires alcohol rehab until your addiction has reached a crisis point. Alcohol erases your objectivity about everything, including your own quality of life.

Taking a moment to be honest with yourself on a few points may help you to determine whether or not alcohol addiction treatment will help you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you lost your job due to alcohol abuse or calling in sick too often after drinking?
  • Has your behavior under the influence caused you legal problems?
  • Are your finances depleted due to alcohol-related expenditures including the alcohol itself, legal fees, court costs and piled-up debt due to joblessness?
  • Has your spouse left or threatened to leave due to your alcoholism?
  • Are you violent when you drink?
  • Do you have health problems related to the amount that you drink?
  • Have you tried to stop drinking but been unsuccessful?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, alcohol addiction treatment can help you mitigate the damage already caused by your alcoholism and begin a new life without addiction. There are so many different alcohol rehab options available to you for help.

What to Look for in a Program

Alcohol rehab should provide you with everything you need to break free from the physical and psychological chains of addiction.

Should you experience withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop drinking at home, then you will need an alcohol rehab treatment that begins with an inpatient alcoholism detox. Once you work through these symptoms, however, you will need to follow up immediately with addiction treatment. Whether you opt for inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment will depend upon your circumstance, but the most comprehensive treatment is one that addresses your personal needs and your unique experience with drugs and alcohol. It should also provide you with care that continues after you graduate from the program.

Inpatient Versus Outpatient

Residential alcohol rehab is generally considered by medical and psychological professionals to be the most effective form of treatment available for alcohol addiction. It can include medical care through alcohol detox, group therapy, one-on-one therapy, experiential or alternative therapies, holistic therapies and family therapy depending upon your needs. When you create a treatment plan, you are encouraged to update it as you achieve your goals.

At the completion of the program, aftercare services that include alumni groups and 12-step treatment will assist you in staying on your new sober path.

Outpatient rehab programs are effective for those who do not experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking or those who have already successfully completed an alcohol detox program. You will enjoy the same range of therapies as part of your treatment plan at an outpatient facility, but you will also be able to return home each night. Those who have jobs to maintain or families to care for often find this to be a preferable option. However, it is only effective if you are surrounded by supportive family members and feel strong enough not to relapse during early recovery.

How to Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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