How to Pay for the Costs

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How to Pay for the Costs Addiction Treatment

When a loved one decides to enter alcohol rehab, family budgets often determine the alcohol rehabilitation facility. Alcohol rehab costs can vary widely depending on the type of abuse program, and whether it is inpatient or outpatient. Substance abuse treatment programs vary in price depending on length of the stay and the type of alcohol rehab program chosen. On average, an inpatient program costs approximately $7,000 a month, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Heal Services Administration. It is important to find an alcohol treatment program that will work for your loved one and fit your budget.

Cost of Alcohol RehabOutpatient Alcoholism Treatment

Families often consider an outpatient alcohol rehab treatment program. They cost less, but can have a high recidivism rate. Many out-patients end up in an in-patient program in the future. Depending on the addiction, the out-patient option is an alternative that can have a high success rate. People who are addicted to multiple substances should consider in-treatment programs. Consider both options and with a counselors treatment help, make a decision on in-patient or outpatient alcohol rehab.

Costs for an Extended Stay at Rehab

Alcohol treatment programs can take months to be effective. Longer stays result in higher costs for alcohol treatment. You can ask the facility for a reduce rate and many will accommodate you. The benefit to the facility is a tax write-off. With a successful treatment program families are rewarded by no longer paying the addicts debts or bailing them out of jail. The addict no longer pays for daily alcohols. Money saved helps to pay for alcohol rehab.

Paying for Alcoholism RehabilitationGovernment Assisted Rehab Options

More alcohol rehab options are publicly funded rehab programs. These programs often lack the ability to keep addicts for long term alcohol rehab treatment and recidivism rates will vary. If you decide against this option, consider asking the alcohol rehabilitation facility about financing. Some clinics will be able to accommodate you. Paying for alcohol treatment using long term payments can be a viable option. The financing will be no different from a bank or car loan.

Veterans who have an alcohol addiction can be treated through the VA under certain conditions. A Veteran’s Affairs representative can help determine if your family member will qualify. There are many facilities across the country that can help veterans. Contact your local VA office and make inquiries about their programs. Another government option is a facility that is funded through Medicaid. The government funds facilities through programs such as the State Children’s health Insurance Plan and Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant. Your loved one may qualify for alcohol rehab under these plans. Consider approaching churches and religious institutions. Some offer help for families who are experiencing financial difficulties and can offer help to addicts that are in recovery or suffering from alcoholism.

The more you investigate your options you’ll begin to find a number of ways to get help with the cost of alcohol rehabilitation. With help from your family doctor, counselors, government counselors and religious organizations you’ll have many options when it comes to the cost of alcohol rehab for a loved one.

Insurance for Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol treatment centers will help you explore coverage options available with your alcohol rehab insurance plan. Millions of people living in the United States are addicted to a variety of substances. Many will not receive the rehab help they need due to a lack of funding or no rehab insurance coverage. The biggest barrier to receiving treatment is cost.

Who is benefits from Rehab Insurance?

Addiction has become a more recognized and accepted medical condition. This has led insurance companies to include them as part of an overall health insurance plan.
Alcohol rehab insurance companies no longer view addiction as something a person has control over. They are recognized as a disease and consequently a legitimate health problem. The more the disease of addiction becomes recognized, the more the insurance industry is likely to offer coverage. This is especially true with alcohol rehabilitation. Insurance companies now help people find appropriate care to treat their addiction.

The more progressive insurance companies accept addiction as a disease and are willing to pay claims. As with other claims there are restrictions dependent on a number of different factors. Alcohol rehabilitation insurance coverage will be dependent on the type of insurance you chose. HMO plans normally pay a small percentage of rehab costs and some rehab insurance policies cover nothing. If you carry the more costly PPO plan you may have some of the cost of treatment covered. Luxury treatment centers are less likely to be completely covered. Quality facilities that are out-patient are more likely to be fully covered by alcohol rehab insurance programs.
With rehab insurance some individuals may not be covered. If the addiction is considered a pre-existing condition it most likely will not be covered. If there is any history of addiction, then treatment in any kind of facility is unlikely to be covered. Previous alcohol rehab treatments must be declared when giving the insurance company a list of previous medical conditions.

Let a Rehab Center Help Determine Your Coverage

Treatment facilities will help families to assess the alcohol rehab insurance claims and policy coverage to determine the extent of coverage. Given permission they will contact your insurance company with specific inquiries. They can then match the rehabilitation needs to the coverage you carry. This will allow the facility to advise you on the different care levels that are open to you. Working with your alcohol rehab insurance coverage they can then create a treatment plan that will be suitable for your needs.
The treatment option you choose can be enhanced by including your insurance coverage along with your financial resources. This allows for more sophisticated care and can offer better results for the patient. The value of alcohol rehab insurance coverage cannot be understated. Should a time come when you need to access this option, having the right kind of coverage can make a world of difference in your treatment options.

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