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Family members are most often the ones victimized by a loved one’s drug addiction, but in some cases, addicts will commit crimes like stealing and breaking and entering in an effort to get more of their drug of choice or money to pay for it. There is no need to stand by and watch your loved one continue to hurt themselves.

Families in Montgomery, Alabama are invited to contact us at the phone number listed above to learn more about what types of drug addiction treatment are available. Search also: Birmingham Rehab Services.

Crime and Drug Addiction Are Connected in Montgomery, Alabama

East Montgomery small businesses were the victims of a robbery spree in 2012, and the man responsible for the crimes later said that he committed them in an effort to pay for his drug addiction. Using a beer bottle under his jacket to make it look like he was armed, the 24-year-old crack addict robbed three businesses for cash in order to buy more of his drug of choice.

This is just one of many ways that communities suffer when drug addiction is allowed to continue untreated. The increased medical cost due to health problems and accident, damage to property, court costs and the costs of law enforcement all add up. Who pays them? The taxpayer.

For families of those dependent upon drugs and alcohol, the costs are even higher. Lost time at work, higher stress and constant fear of accident all add up to a lower quality of life. The best way to change these circumstances and mitigate the costs related to drug addiction is to make sure that those who need it have access to the treatment they need to heal.

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Bradford Health Services

386 Saint Lukes Dr

Montgomery AL, 36117-7108
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Chemical Addictions Program

1153 Air Base Blvd

Montgomery AL, 36108-3103
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Council On Substance Abuse

828 Forest Ave

Montgomery AL, 36106-1007
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Lighthouse Counseling Center

1415 E South Blvd

Montgomery AL, 36116-2319
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