Janesville Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

Janesville Addiction Treatment Centers

More than $50,000 was granted to Janesville, Wisconsin to improve services for those struggling with drug and alcohol dependence issues. Unfortunately, given the large demand placed on the resources of the community, it’s likely that Janesville residents will still need to look outside the city in order to find the best possible drug addiction treatment for themselves and their family members.

If someone you love is living in Janesville, WI and in need of drug and alcohol addiction treatment intervention, you can help them get into a program that has the financial backing and resources to provide them with every medical and psychotherapeutic service they need. Contact us at the phone number listed above any hour of the day or night and speak to one of our counselors about your loved one’s needs in treatment.

What Does Your Loved One Need to Heal?

With so many options available in drug rehabilitation, how do you know which services are necessities, which will be helpful, and which ones simply aren’t worth the time or money? It starts with understanding your loved one’s particular challenges, their mental health issues, triggers, physical ailments and drug of choice.

Next, it’s important to explore your options. When you call us, you can find out everything you need to know about the different services available, the philosophies of different programs and even get the financial guidance you need to pay for treatment.

One Phone Call Starts the Ball Rolling

If you’re unsure how best to start the process of finding addiction treatment for your Janesville loved one, all you have to do is pick up the phone. We are always available to help and can match you with a drug rehab that works for your family today. Call now.

Alcoholics Anonymous

212 N Jackson St

Janesville WI,
(608) 754-1766


Janesville Psychiatric Clinic

2640 Milton Ave

Janesville WI, 53545-0231
(608) 755-1475


Lutheran Social Services

612 N Randall Ave # A

Janesville WI, 53545-1958
(608) 752-7660


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