Rehab Types

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All across the country, there are outstanding drug and alcohol rehab centers working tirelessly to help their patients break the cycle of addiction.

And while many of the core components of treatment at these facilities are the same, there are a number of pronounced differences to how these programs go about their business of helping individuals enhance their health and well-being.

The following information was created to help you better understand the difference between alcohol and drug rehab types so that you can make the most informed decisions possible about where you, or your loved one living with addiction, should turn for treatment.

Rehab Types

Christian Rehab

Individuals who take great solace in their faith may benefit from the mixture of addiction treatment and faith-based activities found in Christian drug and alcohol rehab.

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Detox is a crucial part of the recovery process, helping the individual overcome their physical addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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Dual Diagnosis Care

Dual diagnosis rehab is care for those high-risk individuals suffering from co-occurring addiction and mental health issues.

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Holistic Rehabilitation

For individuals who need to maintain a presence in the home during addiction treatment, holistic rehabilitation allows you to naturally cleanse and heal your body..

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Concerned family and friends who want to get their loved one get addiction treatment help may call for an intervention to help them understand the seriousness of their problem.

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Long-Term Rehab

Individuals with a history of relapse, or who have become a danger to themselves and others may require long term drug and alcohol rehab that lasts a full year or longer.

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Luxury Rehab

High-end luxury rehab centers offer top-flight care and five-star amenities for men and women suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism.

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Outpatient Rehab

For individuals who need to maintain a presence in the home during addiction treatment, outpatient care is a chance to heal while receiving support from family and friends.

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Rehab for Women

Studies have found that women respond more positively to addiction treatment when they are engaged in a gender-specific rehab program that speaks to their unique needs.

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Rehab Insurance

Insurance helps countless families offset the cost of addiction treatment and rehab at a time when they need financial help most.

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Residential Rehab

Residential addiction treatment programs are a chance for men and women to leave a destructive environment and enter a safe place where they may focus solely on their recovery.

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Sober Living Rehab

A sober living home is a chance for the recovering addict to regain their footing is a safe environment that promotes wellness and support.

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Teen Rehab

Young people and their families who are struggling with addiction need the life-saving treatment and counseling offered at teen drug and alcohol rehab programs.

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