Buffalo Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

Buffalo Addiction Treatment Centers

Buffalo is second in size only to New York City in the State of New York. It’s population of nearly 300,000 knows all to well of the devastation that alcohol addiction can cause in it’s city. Buffalo alcohol rehab treatment centers can lift these people up out of their addictive lifestyle and help them to regain sobriety. The following information should provide answers to the most common questions asked by recovering addicts and their families who are considering a New York rehab.

How Long Does Buffalo Addiction Treatment Last?

Most commonly, addiction treatment programs in Buffalo last no less than a full month – with the average length running between two and three months. There are also long term treatment options available in the Buffalo area that can for over a full year depending on the depth of the individual’s addiction (and her propensity for relapse).

How Much Does Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Buffalo Cost?

Again, the answer to this question varies from program to program. Beginning with the most expensive programs – luxury rehab can cost as much as thousands of dollars per month or more (because of the all the amenities and overhead associated with the facility). More affordable, outpatient addiction treatment centers may only cost a tenth of that – and still offer all the important elements need too craft an effective recovery.

What is the Difference Between Buffalo Residential and Outpatient Rehab?

With residential drug and alcohol rehab, the individual moves into the treatment center on a full-time basis, leaving behind the distractions and temptations of the outside world. With outpatient care, the recovering addict attends detox and counseling during the day (or early evening) and then returns home – or to a Buffalo sober living home – at night.

(DART) CAO/Drug Abuse Research and Treatment Program

1237 Main Street

Buffalo NY, 14209

Addiction Medicine Buffalo Outpatient Bry Lin Hospitals

1263 Delaware Avenue

Buffalo NY, 14209

Alcoholics Anonymous

681 Seneca St

Buffalo NY, 14210-1324


Alcoholism Acute Care Program Erie County Medical Center

462 Grider Street

Buffalo NY, 14215

Alcoholism Outpatient Clinic Buffalo General Hospital

80 Goodrich Street

Buffalo NY, 14203

Casa Di Vita Halfway House/Women Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services

200 Albany Street

Buffalo NY, 14213

Cazenovia Manor Cazenovia Recovery Systems Inc

486 North Legion Drive

Buffalo NY, 14210

CD Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services

291 Elm Street

Buffalo NY, 14203

Clinical Research Center

1021 Main St

Buffalo NY, 14203-1014


Community Action Organization

1237 Main St

Buffalo NY, 14209-2111


Drug Abuse Inpatient Unit/Youth/LT Boy Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services

Promise House

Buffalo NY, 14224

Elmwood Counseling Clinic City of Buffalo DSAS

656 Elmwood Avenue

Buffalo NY, 14222

Erie County Council

1625 Hertel Ave

Buffalo NY, 14216-2905


Excellus Health Plan Inc

899 Main Street

Buffalo NY, 14203

Family Addiction Outpatient Clinic Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services

107 Delaware Avenue

Buffalo NY, 14202

Genesee/Moselle Counseling Clinic City of Buffalo DSAS

1532 Genesee Street

Buffalo NY, 14211

Horizon Health Services

3020 Bailey Ave

Buffalo NY, 14215-2814


Lake Shore Behavioral Health

951 Niagara St

Buffalo NY, 14213-2116


Mens Community Residence Alcohol and Drugs Dependcy Services Inc

2025 Broadway

Buffalo NY, 14212

Mid-Erie Counseling-Treatment

1526 Walden Ave # 400

Buffalo NY, 14225-4985


New Beginnings Community Residence Cazenovia Recovery Systems Inc

376 Dewitt Street

Buffalo NY, 14213

Outpatient Chemical Dependency Program Beacon Center

Ellicott Square Building

Buffalo NY, 14203

Renaissance House Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services

920 Harlem Road

Buffalo NY, 14224

Research Institute on Addictions

1021 Main Street

Buffalo NY, 14203

Sheehan Memorial Hospital City View Treatment Center

425 Michigan Avenue

Buffalo NY, 14203

Sisters of Charity Hospital

209 Niagara Street

Buffalo NY, 14201

SPECTRUM Human Services

1235 Main St

Buffalo NY, 14209-2111


Steps Behavioral Health

254 Franklin St

Buffalo NY, 14202-1932


Williamsville Outpatient Clinic Bry Lin Hospitals

5225 Sheridan Drive

Buffalo NY, 14221

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