Omaha Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

Omaha Addiction Treatment Centers

In drug addiction treatment, a certain emphasis is placed on making amends for poor choices made in the service of addiction or while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The mistakes made during addiction can serve as a huge issue during treatment but they can also be a catalyst toward an amazing life in recovery – starting with providing the impetus for drug rehab.

Families living in Omaha, Nebraska can begin the process of working through addiction in recovery when they contact us at the phone number listed above and ask to be matched with a high-end drug addiction treatment center.

Actions Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol Hurt Others

Many who are living with an active addiction resent the insistence of others that they go to drug and alcohol rehab. Believing that it’s an issue that harms no one, they say they have the right to live under the influence of drugs and alcohol if they choose. They are right – and they’re wrong. They do have the right to make their own decisions, but the actions of those under the influence very often harm innocent people, including those nearest and dearest to the addict himself.

An Omaha man faced charges in a boat collision in May 2012. He was suspected of boating while under the influence of alcohol and for causing a collision with a sailboat that hurt eight people, including himself. Though he had the right to decide to drink, his decision to drive a boat while drinking ending up hurting a number of people. It’s a decision that he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life – and so will the people he hurt.

Get Drug Addiction Help Before Your Addiction Hurts Someone You Love

Don’t let the past keep you or someone you love in Omaha from an incredible future. Begin the process of healing today when you contact us at the phone number listed here.

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Al-Anon Information Services

105 S 49th St # G

Omaha NE, 68132-3252


Alcoholics Anonymous

4901 Dodge St

Omaha NE, 68132-2917


Alcoholics Resocialization

604 South 37th Street

Omaha NE, 68105

Alegent Health Psychiatric

16909 Lakeside Hills Ct # 400

Omaha NE, 68130-4661


Arbor Family Counseling Associates Inc

11605 Arbor Street Suite 106

Omaha NE, 68144-2934


1502 North 58th Street

Omaha NE, 68105

Behavioral Health Program Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition

2240 Landon Court

Omaha NE, 68102-2414

Behavioral Health Services

2406 Fowler Avenue

Omaha NE, 68111

Catholic Charities

3300 N 60th St

Omaha NE, 68104-3402


Chicano Awareness Center

4821 South 24th Street

Omaha NE, 68107

Day Treatment Nova Therapeutic Community

1941 South 42nd Street The Center Suite 224

Omaha NE, 68105

Discovery Center

2809 South 125th Avenue Suite 281

Omaha NE, 68144-3872

Heartland Family Service

2101 South 42nd Street

Omaha NE, 68105

Heartland Family Services

6720 N 30th St

Omaha NE, 68112-3211


Immanuel Clinic Alegent Health Psychiatric Associates

6901 North 72nd Street

Omaha NE, 68122-1794

Journey’s Child Saving Institute

815 Dorcas St

Omaha NE, 68108-1137


Lutheran Family Services

124 South 24th Street

Omaha NE, 68102

Lydia House

2706 North 21st Street East

Omaha NE, 68110

Nebraska Urban Indian Health

2240 Landon Ct

Omaha NE, 68102-2414


NOVA Therapeutic Community

1941 S 42nd St # 328

Omaha NE, 68105-2943


Omaha Campus For Hope

1490 N 16th St

Omaha NE, 68102-4101


Omaha Campus for Hope Catholic Charities

1490 North 16th Street

Omaha NE, 68102

Omaha Treatment Center

11215 John Galt Boulevard

Omaha NE, 68137

Overcomers In Christ

PO Box 34460

Omaha NE, 68134-0460


Ponca Tribe Of Nebraska

2602 J St

Omaha NE, 68107-1643


PRIDE-Omaha Inc

6143 Whitmore St

Omaha NE, 68152-2250


Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare

3801 Harney St

Omaha NE, 68131-3851


Residential Nova Therapeutic Community

3483 Larimore Avenue

Omaha NE, 68111

Richard Young Center

515 South 26th Street

Omaha NE, 68105

Santa Monica Inc

130 North 39th Street

Omaha NE, 68131

Santa Monica Inc

130 N 39th St

Omaha NE, 68131-2307


Siena/Francis House

1702 Nicholas Street

Omaha NE, 68102

Stephen Center Inc

2723 Q Street

Omaha NE, 68107

Teen Challenge Of The Midlands

2916 N 58th St

Omaha NE, 68104-3447


The Center University Drug and Alcohol Program

1941 South 42nd Street Suite 210

Omaha NE, 68105

Therapy Consultation and Education Adlerian Center for

11911 Arbor Street

Omaha NE, 68144

Uta Halee & Cooper Village

10625 Calhoun Rd

Omaha NE, 68112-1302


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