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Mexico City Addiction Treatment Centers

The 19 million people in the greater Mexico City area enjoy a pleasant climate year round. The city is located in the southern region of Mexico near the remains of the ancient Aztec Empire.

In the last several years, Mexico City has become a hub of commerce, both for general retail and also high-end luxury goods. Mexico City has been a resilient community, surviving the Spanish occupation in the 1600’s, the devastating earthquake of 1985, and many things in between.

Mexico City Drug Addiction

The drug addiction rate in Mexico City has climbed rapidly in recent decades.

Until recently, the city’s focus has been on drug trafficking. The drug trade through Mexico is well known. Cheap drugs like meth and cocaine are plentiful in Mexico City and easy to find. Because these drugs are so strongly addictive, it is easy for someone to try it a few times and get hooked.

Drug Treatment in Mexico City

Thankfully, the true picture about drug addiction in Mexico City is getting more attention now. Even if the general public and government have not fully recognized the problem, many drug rehab centers have been established to meet the need.

It seems that a holistic approach to drug treatment is well received in the Mexico City area. Also, some drug treatment centers focus on a certain population such as women or youth.

Compassion and respect are key elements of drug rehab centers in and near Mexico City.

CERMA is a women’s drug rehab center about 40 miles south of Mexico City. It focuses on three main stages of recovery – physical, mental, spiritual. Treatment thoroughly covers each area with a natural holistic approach. They also emphasize the importance of a lifelong focus on addiction recovery.

Paraiso is another drug rehab center even closer to Mexico City. They incorporate a comprehensive four-stage approach to drug addiction recovery. Many traditional and holistic treatments are available including nutrition evaluation, equine therapy, and bio-energetic therapy.

Mexico City faces a problem similar to many South and Central American countries. Drug trafficking gets far more attention than the need for and accessibility of quality drug rehab centers. However, it appears that Mexico City is moving in a positive direction with this issue.

The rehab centers that are available offer comprehensive services and have excellent treatment principles. This is truly a good sign for the future of drug rehabilitation in Mexico City.

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