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marijuana addiction statisticsMarijuana use is very common in America. In fact, it is the most popular illicit drug being used.

Over many decades, marijuana has retained its popularity, but use of the drug has seen a decline which is probably due to the many other drugs that are easily obtainable. In the United States, more than 39% of the population has tried this drug at least once. Many of these people actually became addicted to Marijuana. Marijuana addiction is relatively common, but it is usually combined with an addiction to a stronger drug.

Young Adults

Based on the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, marijuana use is most common among younger individuals between the ages of 18 and 25. It is a very popular drug with college students. The reason for this is probably the cost of the drug seeing as it is one of the cheapest drugs to buy. More than 30% of all college students have used this drug within the past year.

Many young adults will become addicted to this substance because it is easy to obtain, cheap and provides an immediate high that can last for hours.

In 1999, 222,000 individuals sought treatment for an addiction to marijuana. By 2004, this number rose to 300,000. Those who are addicted to marijuana will need the same drug treatment as a person addicted to any other drug. It is not easy to overcome an addiction, no matter what the substance is. Many people see marijuana as being a safe drug, but it is addictive and when young individuals form this addiction, they will need to seek treatment to win their battle.


While many people do not believe being addicted to marijuana is such a bad thing, the addiction can be a very serious condition. In some cases, the addiction may be life threatening.

The addictive chemical in marijuana is THC. There are more than 400 chemicals in the natural plant, but it is this one chemical that is responsible for altering brain function. Marijuana addicts will be affected in different ways when they use the drug. This will all depend on the strength of the THC that is in the marijuana. Since the 1970s, potency of this chemical has increased, making the drug more addictive.

Not every person who uses the drug will become addicted, but those who do should be aware that there are some dangers associated with heavy use of the drug. Not only will the person suffer withdrawal symptoms when they do not use the drug, but marijuana can have some long-term medical effects that can cause problems later in life.

Marijuana addicts are at a higher risk for developing cancer.

Men will often experience a decrease in the level of testosterone and will have lower sperm counts. Women face the risk of infertility after using the drug for a long time. Since the drug is usually smoked, addicts will experience similar problems as tobacco users. Marijuana can do damage to the tissue in the lungs and create respiratory problems. Most marijuana addicts will have a daily cough with phlegm, chronic bronchitis symptoms and frequent chest colds.

Marijuana addicts will be polluting their body with three to five times the amount of carbon monoxide than the regular cigarette smoker. In addition to the effects on the lungs, marijuana addicts will also be at risk for high blood pressure and increased heart rates. Generally, a person using marijuana will have 29 more heartbeats a minute than a normal person.

Overcoming Addiction

marijuana addiction treatmentThere are many treatment options available for people who have an addiction to this drug. While many users will never form a physical addiction to the drug, they will be psychologically dependent. Even if there are no physical addiction signs, the person is still considered to be addicted to the drug. Seeking treatment is one way to beat the addiction, but this can only be done when the addict is ready. This means they first have to admit they have a problem and then they must be willing and open to receiving treatment.

Some addicts will get more benefits from an inpatient rehab program, especially if they are dealing with other addictions in addition to the marijuana. Outpatient rehab also works well when marijuana is the only drug the person is addicted to. No matter what type of rehab is chosen, the help that is provided through treatment will assist the addict in beating their addiction to marijuana and will teach them the skills they need to avoid temptation and life a drug free lifestyle.

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