Fort Wayne Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

Fort Wayne Addiction Treatment Centers

The second largest city in Indiana, it is estimated that nearly 25,000 people deal with addictions to drugs and alcohol, and without medical help, will be unable to recover back to a sober life. Fort Wayne treatment centers give patients the strength to overcome their drug addiction, and the education to understand how to avoid a relapse after their program has ended.

What is Fort Wayne Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

An alcohol and drug rehab program helps individuals break the cycle of addiction or substance abuse by addressing both the physical and psychological elements of the condition. During addiction treatment, the individual will take part in three core processes: detox (to address the physical addiction), counseling (the psychological elements of addiction) and aftercare (helping the individual make the transition into a sober life).

Generally Indiana drug rehabs in Fort Wayne take a month or longer to complete. There are long-term treatment programs in the area that last a year or more, but they are designed to help those with the most serious addictions.

The Two Main Types of Fort Wayne Addiction Treatment

The two main formats for addiction treatment are residential rehab and outpatient rehab. Residential rehab has the individual moving into a treatment center full time so that they can focus solely on their recovery. Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab allows the individual to live at home, while they attend detox and counseling programs during the day.

A Healing House Counseling

2016 California Ave

Fort Wayne IN, 46805-4410
(260) 422-1218


Alcoholics Anonymous

2118 Inwood Dr # 112

Fort Wayne IN, 46815-7124
(260) 471-6262


Center For Behavioral Health

1414 N Wells St

Fort Wayne IN, 46808-2796
(260) 420-6010


Family & Children’s Services Inc

2712 S Calhoun St

Fort Wayne IN, 46807-1496
(260) 744-4326


Hope House

1115 Garden St

Fort Wayne IN, 46802-4124
(260) 424-2471


Parkview Behavioral Health

1720 Beacon St

Fort Wayne IN, 46805-4749
(260) 373-7500


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