Stockton Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

Stockton Addiction Treatment Centers

Nestled in the San Joaquin county, Stockton is located in Northern California. The population of this community is 300,000 and is one of the two inland sea ports of California. Some of the residents of this quaint little sea port deal with drug addiction or alcoholism, and are in need of help. You can find help at one of the California drug rehabs located near you.

What to Expect at Stockton Alcohol and Drug Rehab

There are three major components to Stockton addiction treatment that every individual should expect to encounter when they enter the admissions process: detox, counseling and aftercare.

  • Detox. The process of overcoming the physical addiction to drugs and alcohol. Detox is a cleansing, where the individual stops “using” in order to give their body a chance to cleanse itself of harmful toxins.
  • Counseling. Perhaps the most important part of the rehab process, counseling is where the individual addresses the root causes behind their addictive behavior (and learns how to make better decisions moving forward).
  • Aftercare. Where the individual gets the support needed to transition back into daily life. Common forms of aftercare include: follow-up counseling, 12-step group meetings and sober living.

Stockton Drug and Alcohol Treatment Costs

Residential rehab programs can get quite expensive – some costing as much as thousands of dollars per month, but there are many residential rehab benefits at this price as well. Even less expensive options such as outpatient care can be a great financial burden on families that have an addicted family member. Luckily, insurance companies are now covering more drug rehab center costs than ever, and many of the treatment centers themselves are offering private financing to help offset costs.

5th Street Medical Clinic

1839 South El Dorado Street

Stockton CA, 95206

Aegis Medical System Inc

8626 Lower Sacramento Rd # 41

Stockton CA, 95210-1835


Aegis Medical Systems Inc

8626 Lower Sacramento Road Suite 41 and 46

Stockton CA, 95210

Alcohol and Drug Services/Family Ties San Joaquin County

322 North California Street

Stockton CA, 95202

Alcoholics Anonymous

563 E Harding Way

Stockton CA, 95204-6109


Alliance for Infants and Mothers/SAFEI San Joaquin County

620 North Aurora Street Suite 3

Stockton CA, 95202

Aurora Street Clinic San Joaquin County

620 North Aurora Street

Stockton CA, 95202

Browns Residential Treatment Home

3534 Mary Avenue

Stockton CA, 95206

Center For Positive Prevention

729 N California St

Stockton CA, 95202-1817


Chemical Dependency Counseling Center San Joaquin County

1201 North El Dorado Street

Stockton CA, 95202

DBA New Directions Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program

1981 Cherokee Road

Stockton CA, 95205

Healthcare Services/El Dorado Street Healthcare Services Inc

1700 South El Dorado Street

Stockton CA, 95202

Healthy Connections Inc

1947 North California Street

Stockton CA, 95204

Juvenile Alternative SAAP and CDTP Sentencing Concepts Inc

930 North Hunter Street

Stockton CA, 95202

Kaiser Chemical Dependency Services

1305 Tommydon Street

Stockton CA, 95210

Narrow Gate Counseling Center Pharmatox Partners Inc

33 East Magnolia Street Suite 16

Stockton CA, 95202

Saint Josephs Behavioral Health Center

2510 North California Street

Stockton CA, 95204

Service First Outpatient Program

7602 Murray Drive Suite 100

Stockton CA, 95210

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