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Irvine Addiction Treatment Centers

Irvine, California may be a planned city, under development from one single company, but this hasn’t stopped it’s rapid growth since the 1960’s. Unfortunately, because so many people are making their home in Irvine, a huge problem has begun to arise. People are finding themselves dealing with alcohol addiction on a daily basis, and don’t understand how to overcome it, and live a life of sobriety.

Types Of Irvine Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Using a natural approach, and avoiding the use of chemicals during a patients detoxification process, holistic treatment centers help the patient become able to gain control over their addiction, and learn how to deal with it in a healthy, natural way. Developing the patients mind, body, and soul helps them remain sober after treatment has ended.

When patients have abused alcohol for many years, rapid detoxification is required during the drug rehabilitation process to give the patient the best chances at becoming, and staying sober. Intense medical supervision, counseling sessions, and group therapy is available through inpatient facilities to help patients understand their addiction, and properly cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

What Happens After Irvine Drug And Alcohol Treatment?

After completion of your California rehab program, you will want to remain in touch with members from the facility to keep them up to date on how well you are doing, as well as joining an aftercare program such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

5 Mason # 150

Irvine CA, 92618-2551
(949) 770-1191


Irvine Community Drug Prevention

5050 Barranca Pkwy

Irvine CA, 92604-4652
(949) 559-8710


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