Golden Voice Ted Williams Heads Back to Drug Rehab

Golden Voice Ted Williams Heads Back to Drug Rehab

It’s not the first time this year, but hopefully it will be the last — “Golden Voice” Ted Williams is apparently returning to drug rehab. As is often the case when celebrities opt for drug treatment, the official word is not necessarily that he is struggling with drug addiction issues but that he has a few “emotional” issues to work out and feels that drug rehab is the most appropriate place to do that.

Al Battle is Williams’ manager. He says, “All of the shooting for his reality show has taken a serious toll on him. This is not a trip back to rehab because of a drug or alcohol relapse. It’s all emotional. Ted is exhausted. He just needed to get back to his psychologists.”

The reality show Battle mentioned is one of just many new opportunities and experiences that came Williams’ way when a reporter videotaped the then-homeless Williams on the street exhibiting his well-trained radio voice. That video went viral and before Williams knew it, he was being offered gigs across the country and began shooting his own reality show. Unfortunately, a 90-day stint in rehab months ago and now his latest trip to a treatment center may keep him from completing the first season of his show for a little while longer. Shot in Brooklyn and Ohio, there are already talks of a second season despite the fact that Williams has yet to complete shooting the first season.

The trick to doing well in an addiction treatment program is to stay in that program. In January, Williams went to the same treatment center he’s attending now but left early. Though it was reported that that trip was to treat an alcohol addiction and this one is not, it’s highly likely that leaving early in January meant that he didn’t get the help he needed to effectively deal with his addiction issues, thus the current stay in rehab. If he stays for the full length of the program and is an active participant, speaking up during therapy and opting for any voluntary treatments, then he has a real shot at long-term sobriety when he leaves.

Celebrity can be stressful and it’s not easy to be thrust in the limelight when you already have a hard time handling the details of life. Here’s hoping that drug rehab is exactly what Williams needs to get back on track and take advantage of all his opportunities.