Drunk Texting, Getting Sober and Tim McGraw

Drunk Texting, Getting Sober and Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw talked to Us Magazine recently about what gave him the motivation to get the alcohol rehab help he needed to quick drinking: drunk texting. More specifically, it was interest in not getting in trouble with his wife, Faith Hill. He said he learned how to text because she could tell that he was drunk when he called – but he drank so much that it was even obvious in his text messages.

Says McGraw: “I only learned how to text because back when I was drinking, I would get in trouble when I would call my wife and she would find out I was drinking. And then I started slurring my texts and I figured hell, I gotta quit drinking. Thank God nobody knew anything about Skype back then – I would’ve never stayed out of trouble!”

Finding a Reason to Go to Alcohol Rehab

Tim McGraw has been clean and sober for three years now, and he’s been married to Faith Hill for 14 years. The two have three daughters together and have weathered the normal storms that come with marriage in addition to a hectic touring schedule for both singers. And yet it was drunk texting that showed McGraw that his drinking had gotten out of control. Is that enough?

Apparently so. For everyone, that moment of clarity, that realization that the disease is killing them – and destroying the lives of their loved ones as well – can come in different ways. For some, it’s an offhand comment made by one of their children or a look they see in their co-worker’s eyes. For others, it’s something larger like getting arrested for driving under the influence or the threat of losing their marriage.

Does it matter what that reason is if it works? Not at all. As long as it’s motivational enough to help you stay the course in alcohol addiction treatment until your own personal success and health becomes your primary motivation, then it’s good enough.

Finding Alcohol Rehab

If you would like help finding an alcohol rehab program near you, contact us today. We can help you find a secluded country estate with animal therapies and outdoor adventure therapies or treatment programs located in the heart of the city with access to cutting-edge treatment options and lots of opportunities to find support within the community. Call us now to find out more.