Did Ashlee Simpson Divorce Pete Wentz Because He’s a Drug Addict?

Did Ashlee Simpson Divorce Pete Wentz Because He's a Drug Addict?

Ashlee Simpson, singer and little sister to Jessica Simpson, was married to Pete Wentz for just over two years when the couple called it quits. Why did the two walk away from the marriage? A source told TMZ.com that Wentz didn’t want the divorce but that Simpson was fed up with his “erratic behavior.” Showbiz Spy says that Wentz is a “functioning drug addict” and that Simpson was over it.

Though fans were shocked by the news that Simpson and Wentz were letting go of the relationship, some who were close to the couple were not so surprised. One source says: “Ashlee realized that Pete had become a functioning addict and that he wasn’t making any effort to quit,” and another said that, “He’d been taking the sleeping pill Ambien, the sedative Xanax and painkiller OxyContin and Ashlee had concerns about Pete’s behavior around their son, Bronx. When Pete drinks and takes pills, he goes wild. Ashlee doesn’t trust him to be faithful.”

Drug Addiction and Relationships

It can definitely be a deal breaker in a relationship when one half of the couple begins using drugs and alcohol addictively while the other half does not. Many young couples who get high and drunk together while dating often find that substance abuse gets in the way of a maturing relationship. Too often, one or both descends into addiction, leaving the relationship in shambles.

Young parents are especially quick to pull the plug on a relationship due to drug addiction when children are involved. Prioritizing the child’s best interest often allows the non-addicted member of the couple to more easily avoid a codependent relationship that will serve no one in the long run.

Can a Relationship Survive Drug Addiction?

Yes, relationships can survive drug addiction, theoretically. Do most relationships last when one member develops an addiction to drugs and alcohol? No. It’s hard enough to maintain a marriage when one party isn’t under the influence of substances that cause him or her to be more likely to lie, steal and cheat. Trust is difficult to rebuild after months or years of one person being treated poorly by the other. Guilt, hurt feelings, resentment, anger – all these emotions build so high that it’s rarely overcome.

What’s the Best Options for Relationships Plagued by Drug Addiction?

There is no option for the relationship if the addicted party does not get treatment. Drug rehab is the first step to saving the relationship, and there’s still no guarantee that the non-addicted member will be willing to work things out when the addicted individual is ready. However, couples therapy and family therapy can play a big part in mending the rifts that develop as a result of addiction. Begun during the drug rehab process and continued in earnest after the addiction treatment program has been successfully completed, couples can talk about the past and all the emotions surrounding what happened during addiction in a safe environment, learn how to communicate effectively and create a plan for their future.

If you would like to find a drug rehab program for yourself or your spouse, contact us at the phone number above. We can assist you in finding an addiction treatment program that will provide you with the family therapy and couples counseling you need to get your relationship back on track.