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North Little Rock is a suburb of Little Rock. Located in Arkansas, the city is a part of a metropolitan area of nearly 900,000 residents. Little Rock, Pine Bluff and North Little Rock (Arkansas Combined Statistical Area) make up this populous area. Individuals who need help getting a handle on an addiction to drugs or alcohol may find that North Little Rock is a good place to receive that help. Individuals will find quality residential and outpatient programs, equipped to provide addicts with the tools necessary to get clean.

Get Help for Your Addiction in North Little Rock

Using drugs can be extremely dangerous. Most people recognize this fact. However, many continue to use in spite of this. This is often to their peril. An addiction to drugs can cause personal, professional and relational problems. It can even lead to death. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to recognize when their drug use has gone from being recreational to out of control. One indication that this has occurred is when a person is willing to use drugs even when they know that they are dangerous.

Recognition of the fact that one has developed an addiction to drugs is often times key to them getting the help that they need. If a person never comes to the conclusion that they have a problem, getting help may never occur to them. If no one steps in, their drug use may go unchecked and they might end up dying due to their disease.

Fortunately, there are a few obvious signs of addiction. Learning what they are may end up saving a person’s life if they are willing to act on this information.


21 Bridgeway Road

North Little Rock AR, 72113


Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare

North Little Rock Division 2200 Fort Roots Drive

North Little Rock AR, 72114


Family Service Agency

628 West Broadway Suite 300

North Little Rock AR, 72114-5547


Recovery Centers of Arkansas

1201 River Road

North Little Rock AR, 72114-4583



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