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Effectively treating an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol requires a variety of things to come together. Individuals need to be in the right frame of mind, the rehab facility must be a quality one and the city where care is being given must be a good fit for the addict. Addicts who love to party may not fare too well in an outpatient facility based in Los Angeles. It simply may not be conducive for successful treatment. Yuma, Arizona is a great place for individuals to go for drug or alcohol rehabilitation. It was ranked by Money Magazine as one of the best places to live in the U.S. The city’s clean air and beautiful mountains make it ideal for holistic-based treatment.

If you are considering drug rehab in Yuma City, Arizona please give us a call. We can provide you with quality treatment and care.

Yuma Drug Treatment: Which Type of Treatment is Right for You?

Even the world of drug rehabilitation is not immune to comparison and competition. People sometimes debate the effectiveness of one type of treatment over another. For example, which is more effective, outpatient or inpatient care? The truth is that neither is superior to the other. Instead, the effectiveness is determined by what a particular addict’s needs.

The form of treatment that can best meet those needs is the one that is most effective for that individual. For example, a severely addicted heroin addict would likely be best served in a residential facility where the patients live on the Yuma rehab’s premises at all times, while someone who is addicted, even if only psychologically, to nitrous oxide may be able to receive all of the help that they need at an outpatient facility. Thus, it is the patient’s needs that are priority.

Behavioral Health Services

106 East 1st Street

Yuma AZ, 85364


Crossroads Mission

944 S Arizona Ave

Yuma AZ, 85364-3947
(928) 783-9362



3250 A East 40th Street

Yuma AZ, 85365


Yuma Treatment Center

1290 West 8th Place Suite A

Yuma AZ, 85364


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