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Alaska Addiction Treatment Centers

Interestingly, Alaska’s remote location has helped the state enjoy lower-than-average drug abuse and drug trafficking figures over the past several decades.

The need to import controlled substances from such great distances has led to higher price points for drugs such as cocaine, heroin, crack and other products. This inflated price has simply made it difficult for many residents of the state to maintain their addiction.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for alcoholism in Alaska. The state has one of the highest percentages of alcoholic addiction in the country, and the problem continues to cost many lives each year – either due to self-inflicted health issues or as a result of drunk-driving fatalities.

Alaska Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help

The people of Alaska are separated geographically from the remainder of the United States, but are well-connected in terms of alcohol and drug rehab programs. Many outstanding outpatient and residential rehab facilities are located in major cities such as Nome, Juno and Anchorage and all offer individuals a chance to break the cycle of addiction and learn the behaviors necessary to enjoy an alcohol or drug-free life.

Here are just a few major cities which you can find help in:

Getting help in Alaska for Someone in need of Drug or Alcohol Rehab

Alaska residents who have a drug or alcohol problem are much like those found anywhere in the world, in that they are unlikely to admit they have a problem voluntarily. Here are some things to consider if a friend or family member may have an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

  • Look for the evidence. There are certain tell-tale behaviors which indicate that an individual may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, including: withdrawal from friends and family, moodiness, anxiety, money or legal problems and other occurrences of things never previously associated with that person.
  • Consider a drug intervention. If an individual has an alcohol or drug problem, they are likely to be in a state of denial about the situation. Consult a professional interventionist for the best way to approach the individual about their problem and get them into a rehab program immediately.
  • Be supportive. Chances are, the individual with the addiction has eroded at least some of the trust and goodwill once experienced with friends or family. There will come a time to address this situation, but first those issues must be set aside and the primary focus placed on getting the individual into an alcohol or drug rehab program that can save their life. Love and support are two of the greatest weapons against addiction, and everyone close to the person in question should use both freely.
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